Why People Love Persian Rugs

Perfected exquisiteness, excellent quality, softness, high value and great investment.  These are some of the things that define Persian rugs.  The Persian rug is a mark of quality and a testimony of rich tradition that can be traced back hundreds of years.  The essence that the Persian rug brings is derived from the person who sits […]

Oriental Rugs & Carpets: The Basics

Are you in search of an oriental rug to buy?  There are so many types of oriental rugs in the market today, woven differently, imported from different countries, with unique designs and styles, sizes and antique and machine made.  Before you buy an oriental rug, consider what it will be used for and the style you are looking for […]

Buying a Persian Rug: Making the Best Choice

Buying a Persian Rug: Making the Best Choice The term Oriental rug refers to rugs hand made from the Asian continent including Iran (Persia), Turkey, Afghanistan, China, India, Pakistan, Mongolia, Nepal, Kirgizitan as well as Uzbekistan.  Although a Persian rug is an oriental rug, not all Oriental rugs are Persian.  The Persian rugs have been considered the […]

Reasons for Success of the Rivals of Persian Rugs

Summary: Iran’s rivals have gained some success in their competition with the Persian carpet for Various reasons including: 1-The immigration of some Persian carpet weavers and designers to India and other countries following the victory of the Islamic Revolution. 2-The attention paid by Iran’s rivals to the taste and purchasing power of West European customers and supply […]

Persian Rug Overview

Carpet weaving is not just a way to make floor coverings — it’s a cultural art form that has been passed down from generation to generation. This is especially true with Persian rugs. According to historical evidence and scholarly opinion, the art of carpet weaving has existed in Iran since ancient times. The earliest Persian carpet in existence […]

History Of Persian Rugs

Persian carpets were among the first rugs ever created. Their history dates back to the Achaemenid Empire that stretched through Europe, Asia and Africa from 550 B.C. to 350 B.C. Historical evidence shows that the first carpets were made from bamboos and stalks of plants growing in marshlands of lower Transoxania. In order to produce a […]

Types of Persian Rugs Part I

There is no such thing as one type of “Persian rug.” There is a rich history that has been created over thousands of years which has led to the development of many different Oriental carpet and rug types. Here is the first in a series highlighting the different types of Persian rugs available in the antique and modern carpet […]

Types of Persian Rugs Part II

Shopping for an online Persian rug can feel like a very confusing process – after all, there are so many different types of Persian rugs to choose from. However, if you understand the different types of rugs that are available you will have a better sense of what to look for when shopping for a Persian rug […]

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