Here it is: the Ultimate Hand Knotted Rug

There is a popular misconception about handmade Oriental rugs that because they are art, they must be taken as seriously as possible. Nonsense: these rugs represent a proud folk tradition, and as a result they contain all the joy, laughter and mischief you might expect from a social activity shared with great love among generations […]

Oriental Rug Expert Lights Up the Martha Stewart Show

It’s about time: domestic goddess Martha Stewart has finally devoted a lengthy video package to handmade Oriental rugs: their art, their culture and their unsurpassed beauty. The guest of honor was one Shiv Sikri, a collector whose considerable knowledge of the process and craft that go into these carpets were the highlight of a segment […]

Oriental Rugs 101: Geometric Vs. Floral Designs

We live in an era dominated by display technologies: phones, tablets, flat screens. One of the terms of art used through the tech industry is resolution, or the number of dots that comprise what you see. In technology, the word for those dots is pixels. What many people don’t know is that the very same […]

The difference between handmade and machine woven rugs

  Handmade rugs come in varying shapes, sizes and colors yet they all possess unique qualities that set them apart from machine woven rugs. Handmade rugs are primarily made out of wool but other fabrics such as cotton and silk may be used as well. Machine made rugs may also include wool but also possess […]

Choosing an Oriental Rug

When you are the owner of a handmade Oriental rug you possess a beautiful piece of art steeped in rich history. That is why many want to possess authentic hand knotted Oriental rugs. Types, sizes and colors of rugs can be very diverse. For instance, Oriental rugs vary in size, color and shape depending on […]

Persian Rugs: Quick Overview

Aside from being a beautiful addition to your home, Persian rugs are steeped in culture and art. Did you know that carpet weaving was one of the most notable crafts in ancient Persia with some evidence suggesting that it dates all the way back to 500 B.C? As you may know, weaving rugs is a […]

Want to buy a Persian Rug? Did you know that…

  For those of you that are looking for beautiful Persian rugs you will need to purchase them soon. The U.S. Senate has passed the Comprehensive Iran Sanctions Accountability and Divestment Act, which no longer allow handmade Persian rugs to be imported from Iran. This has tremendously impacted the availability, selection and pricing for a […]

Hand-Knotted Persian and Oriental Rugs

The most appealing aspect of buying a new Persian Rug from Catalina Rug is that there are absolutely no middlemen when it comes to the purchasing of our quality rugs. Our seasoned staff goes right to the source in order to find the finest and most authentic hand-knotted Persian rugs. Catalina Rug sends professionals all […]

Beautifully Crafted Persian Rugs

An expertly- crafted Persian rug will surely be a classy and harmonizing enhancement when it comes to the interior decoration of one’s home. The long and elaborate History behind the Art of Rug making shows that the rugs of today are more sophisticated however, the rugs are known to add personality and warmth to your […]

Catalina Rug

Hand Knotted Persian and Oriental rugs come in many shapes but most often in rectangular, square, or circular forms. Sometimes, one sees an oval-shaped rug but these aren’t as common as the rectangular or square-shaped ones. Regardless of the size of your home, office or apartment, handmade Persian rugs make personalizing your living space a […]

Oriental Rugs Overview

Oriental rugs never reveal themselves all at once.  In Western culture, it is common to use even beautiful rugs as mere floor coverings.  They are often overshadowed by paintings, wall hangings, and other furniture.  In Eastern life and particularly in traditional Oriental furnishing, the emphasis shifts as oriental carpets are used not only underfoot but […]

Things to Factor in When Choosing an Oriental or Persian Rug

When selecting a Persian or oriental rug, there are a number of things you will have to consider to make the right selection.  Persian rugs are available in many patterns, designs, colors, cities of origin, qualities and shapes, most reflect the rich Persian culture, artwork and society.  However, not all handmade Persian rugs are patterned or richly decorated, […]

The Amazing Features of an Oriental Rug

Home décor is a booming business today as people strive to beautify and add class to their personal and professional space.  One of the simplest yet very effective ways to decorate your home or office is by putting an oriental rug on the floor.  An oriental rug is a beautiful pieces of art that comes in a […]

Why People Love Persian Rugs

Perfected exquisiteness, excellent quality, softness, high value and great investment.  These are some of the things that define Persian rugs.  The Persian rug is a mark of quality and a testimony of rich tradition that can be traced back hundreds of years.  The essence that the Persian rug brings is derived from the person who sits […]

Oriental Rugs & Carpets: The Basics

Are you in search of an oriental rug to buy?  There are so many types of oriental rugs in the market today, woven differently, imported from different countries, with unique designs and styles, sizes and antique and machine made.  Before you buy an oriental rug, consider what it will be used for and the style you are looking for […]

Buying a Persian Rug: Making the Best Choice

Buying a Persian Rug: Making the Best Choice The term Oriental rug refers to rugs hand made from the Asian continent including Iran (Persia), Turkey, Afghanistan, China, India, Pakistan, Mongolia, Nepal, Kirgizitan as well as Uzbekistan.  Although a Persian rug is an oriental rug, not all Oriental rugs are Persian.  The Persian rugs have been considered the […]