Kazak Rugs Buyer’s Guide

What Does Kazak  Rugs Mean?

Learning all the definitions and spellings and origins of the word “Kazak”, will take you on an interesting journey from Russia to Armenia to Pakistan and cover topics like politics, history and culture and rugs.

This article explains “Kazak” in the context of oriental rugs.  Oriental rug names are derived from the origin they are designed and manufactured.

Kazak rugs have their origins in the Caucacus Mountains.  The people that inhabit the valleys come from many ethnic groups, including Armenian and Azeri Turks.

Armanstan Kazak
Original Makers Of Kazak Rugs

Modern Kazak Rugs

Pakistan now manufactures Kazak rugs.  Modern Kazak rugs are the ideal blend of ancient tradition with modern advances.

The designs and colors are still inspired by the ancient Kazak rugs from the Caucacus mountains.  Ancient weavers used rich reds, blues, and cream colors to wave large star and medallion patterns. Pakistan weavers of Kazaks continue in these fine traditions of bright colors and bold designs, but they use a blend of natural and synthetic dyes to create superb colors.

These Kazak rugs from Pakistan have a very high knot count.  The dense knot count accentuates the distinct lines and forms.  It also makes these rugs extremely durable.

Kazak rugs are notably different from other Oriental rugs, for two manufacturing processes that occur after weaving.  The pile on the rug is cut down, making them thinner and lighter than other rugs.  But don’t worry! This does not affect their durability, which comes from knots, not the pile height.

Secondly, the rugs are stone washed, giving even new rugs the aged patina highly sought after by rug collectors.

Decorating with Modern Kazak Rugs
Decorating With Modern Kazak Rugs

Using A Kazak Rug

The colors, the aged look, the durability and the design of kazak rugs make them very popular among interior decorators because their durability and bright colors make them suitable for high traffic areas, many decorators put Kazak rug runners in hallways, and large rectangular

ones in the family room. Many books and websites detail ideas for choosing the right rug for the right space.   is a decorating website that has tons of beautiful photos for inspiration.  Typing “kazak rug” into the search bar comes back with thousands of photos that you can then filter for room, style, size, and budget. Our blog post, “4 Tips for Decorating with Oriental Rugs” gives a basic overview for decorating.


Decorating With Modern Kazak Rugs

Buying A Kazak Rug

Pakistan makes very high-quality Kazak rugs for an affordable price. Typically, their knot count is not as dense.  They are all hand knotted. There is a kazak rug available for every budget and size and space.  Be sure to use Kazak Rug Category Page to help you.  Choose from huge selections, you will find the perfect rug for your home.

Go on to our client homes to see how other people beautified their homes. After receiving your rug, be sure to send us a photo, so others can see.