Kazak Rug: A Prized Possession

As with most types of oriental rugs, kazak rugs too are named after the place they are manufactured. Kazak, a small city where these rugs are manufactured, is located in the northwestern area of Azerbaijan. These rugs are usually hand-knotted by the women weavers who used traditional construction techniques and dyes to create rugs that looked good even after enduring years of wear and tear.

Distinctive Patterns And Colors Of Kazak Rugs

Kazak rugs typically feature meaningful symbols in bold, striking colors. The women weavers favor the use of colors and symbols that are representative of the Kazak culture.

The motifs that adorn these rugs are large and geometrical. You will rarely find a Kazak rug with small or elaborate all-over patterns. Instead, these rugs are easily identified by individual, large, geometric motifs that are scattered throughout the field of the rug. Some of these geometric medallions are simply decorative squares, diamonds and octagons while others are representative of birds, trees, animals or human beings.

Ivory, red and indigo blue were the main color used. All of these colors are obtained from purely natural sources.

Kazak A Prized Possession

Why Kazak Has Become One Of The Finest Pieces Of Art Today

When Kazak rugs were first manufactures, silver and gold strands were used in the weave to give the finished piece a regal look. Owning one of these rugs was a status symbol. Only the very wealthy and members of the royal family could afford to own one of these rugs. Very few owners of these special Kazak rugs used their prized possession as a floor covering. Instead, these rugs were placed on the king’s throne or they were shown-off by the rich and famous as decorative wall hangings. Appreciation for these rugs has only increased over the years and today they are considered as fine pieces of art amongst rug collectors as well as art lovers everywhere.

The special care taken to source the raw materials as well as the dyes is evident in the way that these rugs age. As they get older, instead of looking worn out and faded, the pile and colors acquire a patina that makes them look even better than before. The fact that they can be used in high traffic areas without looking prematurely worn and ragged, only adds to their appeal.

Tips On Buying Kazak Online

Kazak rugs come in a wide range of patterns, colors and sizes, each of them equally stunning. One of the biggest challenges are likely to encounter is trying to choose just one from amongst this vast selection.

The best way to start your search for Kazak rugs is to look online.  This allows you to browse various sites and shortlist a few that you think would most meet all of your requirements in terms of size and price.

Before you go ahead and make your purchase, take some time to communicate with the store owner and make enquiries about their purchase policies. Also look through their reviews. The perfect place to pick up your prized possession is an online store that has excellent customer service, answers all of your questions and also has good reviews from other buyers.

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