Kashan Rug Guide

Kashan rugs are high quality Persian rugs that are named after the town in which they are manufactured. Situated in central Iran, Kashan is one of the oldest towns in the country. It lies nestled between mountains on its west and the Dasht-e-Kavir desert to the east.

Kashan rugs are known for their exquisite beauty and are cherished by rug collectors all over the world. This rug guide will help you make a more informed decision if you are looking to own one of these fabulous pieces.

Kashan Rug Guide
How To Identify A Kashan Rug

There are several factors you will have to look closely at in order to determine whether what you are looking at is, in fact, a Kashan rug. To start with, you should check the weaving technique and materials used, the colors of the rug, and the motifs and medallions that adorn the rug. We discuss each of these factors below: The
Weaving Technique

A classic Kashan rug is woven using the asymmetric Farsi knot. The first thing you need to do when examining one of these pieces is to turn it over and take a look at the back. If the knots are asymmetrical, that is one of the indications that what you are looking at is a Kashan.

Materials Used

The majority of Kashan rugs have a wool pile knotted on a cotton base. However, there are a few variations, with some weavers using silk highlights in the pile. A few weavers also used all silk materials in creating their rugs but these are very rare.

Although many other types of Oriental rugs also have a cotton base and wool or silk pile, the distinguishing feature of Kashan rugs is that they are always made using the highest quality materials. Older rugs were made using soft merino wool imported from the UK but this was then replaced with wool from Sabzevar, an Iranian town known for producing wool of the highest quality.


Most Kashan rugs use deep rich variations of blue, red and cream. The fields are typically made of red and ivory and the borders and medallions tend to be mostly blue. Of course, there are deviations from these color uses, resulting in a huge variety of these rugs. You can also find Kashans features browns, blacks and greens interspersed between the main colors.

Motifs And Medallions

There are several variations in the way motifs and medallions are designed and placed in Kashan rugs. The most common design is a bold, oval-shaped central medallion placed in the center of the rug on a Shah Abbas field. The contrast between the bold medallion and the delicate curvilinear florals and tendrils of the Shah Abbas field makes for a stunning design.

The medallion and corner pattern is another common feature of Kashan rugs. Weavers use earlier Koran covers as inspiration for this particular design.

Mohtashem Rugs

If you are want to own an unique Kashan rug that you can pass down to your future generations, you should consider getting a Mohtashem Rug. These rugs were manufactured by a few master weavers who were highly revered for their exquisite creations. The lush, velvety feel of the rug is achieved by using the highest quality wool. The silk highlights add to the luster and beauty of the finished rug. The mellower colors of the rug allow it to be used in just about any surrounding. You will pay a higher price for these rugs but for the investment, they are well worth it.