How To Stop Your Dog From Chewing On Your Oriental Rug
How To Stop Your Dog From Chewing On Your Oriental Rug

Can dogs and Oriental carpets exist within the same household? Of course they can! The dog and the rug both need some extra love and attention, and for some people, this may seem like a difficult prospect. It isn’t. With some patience and persistence, it is possible to train your dog not to chew your beautiful oriental rug.

Why Dogs Chew And Bite Rugs

Dogs tend to chew more often during the puppy stage when their teeth are growing in and causing discomfort in their gums. 

The good news is they tend to outgrow this stage at about a year old. Giving your pup a few chew toys will help alleviate the teething pain. If you don’t have one, a frozen washcloth can do the job just as well.

Sometimes, older dogs may also chew to get rid of excess energy. If you have an especially nervous breed, make sure they get enough exercise outside and give them plenty of mental and physical stimulation so they won’t be as apt to chew on rugs or other pieces of furniture.

Dogs may also chew out of frustration or stress. If your dog is experiencing major mental distress or frustration, call a vet to get to the root of the problem, and then make sure you provide enough attention and stimulation to keep your furry friend calm and happy. Outdoor play is a great way to expel extra energy, but extra toys, while you’re at work during the day, can work wondersas well.

What Part Of The Rug Does Your Dog Chew

If your puppy is chewing a corner of the rug or is chewing the fringe it may help to take some cotton balls and soak them in lemon juice or rubbing alcohol and then leave the jars open, near the area where the dog chews the carpet. 

It is also helpful to redirect your dog to more appropriate behavior by providing lots of exercises, chew toys, and attention so that they won’t chew the carpet. Toys and strenuous activities are often best for puppies or dogs with lots of energy to burn.

How To Keep Your Dog From Chewing On Your Rug

Crate training may be helpful for a puppy or adult dog to keep them from chewing the carpet. If you aren’t sure how to begin, speak to your veterinarian or an animal behavior specialist for tips, tricks, and appropriate actions.

You may also want to try some of the bitter-tasting sprays that are available that you can spray on your carpet to keep your dog from chewing it. Providing plenty of chew toys such as sturdy nylon “bones” will keep your dog occupied for hours on end so they won’t be as tempted to chew on your rug.

The best way to avoid inappropriate behavior, no matter how young or old your dog is, is to redirect them and reward the behavior you want them to display.

Every pet deserves a loving home, whether there is carpet or not. Speak with a vet to make sure you can help your puppy or adult dog stop chewing your carpet to keep your home happy!

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