How To Pick The Perfect Oushak Rug?

Nothing will ever compete with the beauty and elegance that traditional rugs like the Oushak rug bring. They’ve been here since the 17th century and will be here to stay for a long time. However, finding the right one involves several considerations, especially if you’re new to this journey.

If you’re thinking of getting an Oushak rug as your first rug purchase, then you’re in the right place. We’ll guide you throughout the process and help you narrow down your options. By following these primary considerations, we can guarantee you’d be able to pick the perfect Oushak rug for your home in no time.

Match the color of your rug with your room's design.

Oushak rugs usually come in dark colors like red, blue, brown, and terracotta mixed with small amounts of light colors such as white and yellow motifs. However, it has evolved throughout the years because of the influence of Western culture. Now, you can see many traditional Oushak rugs in earth tones combined with the right amount of light shades.

Oushak 2'7'' x 3'7''
Oushak 2'7'' x 3'7''

Because of its diverse colors, remember that your rug should complement at least two shades in your room. That means it can match your wall, furniture, or accents like a flower vase or artwork. Although most Oushak rugs were dyed to match popular colors of furnishing fabric, we still highly recommend bringing some references to visualize how their color scheme will go.

Pro Tip:

One pro tip when styling your room with an Oushak rug is to ensure that your primary furniture has a solid color. For instance, you must have a solid-colored sofa if you’re planning on putting it in your living room. You can then complement the rug’s secondary color to your sofa and its tertiary colors to the color of your pillows, accents, or wall.

Check if its pattern matches your taste.

A common thing you’ll notice when choosing the right Oushak rug is that you’ll never see two of them in the same pattern and design. Generally, most rugs will feature a hallmark star and medallion pattern as their basic design. But it now has endless variations because they’re hand-weaved. So make sure to follow your style and instinct when picking one out.

Oushak 6'8'' x 9'9''
Oushak 6'8'' x 9'9''
Oushak 2'7'' x 3'11''
Oushak 2'7'' x 3'11''

Check if the rug is genuine.

After choosing the color and pattern of your Oushak rug, the next thing to do is check whether it’s genuine. Weavers of these traditional rugs use natural dyes to create their colors and patterns. They’ll never use chemicals and synthetic materials to ensure their long-lasting quality.

The best way to check if the coloring used is natural is to observe the rug’s texture. Natural dye will make a soft and pleasant look, while Oushak rugs that use chemicals and synthetic materials will usually have a harsher appearance.

Apart from this, Oushak rugs also come from natural fiber. In particular, they’re woven from superior and shiny Ghazneh wool. So to check whether they’re genuine, make sure to feel its material. It must be soft and smooth but not too soft and shiny.

Know its weaving technique.

Genuine Oushak rugs undergo an intricate hand-weaving technique passed down onto new generations of rug weavers. That’s why a high-quality traditional rug like this will have fringes that aren’t identical at the back. There’ll also be instances in which you’ll see white lines of wefts.

Oushak 5'8'' x 7'6''
Oushak 5'8'' x 7'6''

These features are what make Oushak rugs one-of-a-kind. It’s also because of its intricate weaving technique that weavers can create endless variations of colors, patterns, and designs.

Remember to pick the perfect rug size.

Another factor to consider when choosing the right Oushak rug for your home is to get the right size. This element can influence the overall aesthetic of your home. When your rug is too small, it can leave an incomplete and unappealing look. Meanwhile, rugs that are too large may make your room crowded. Instead, avoid both scenarios.

Oushak 8'1'' x 9'4''
Oushak 8'1'' x 9'4''

Oushak rugs come in a broad range of sizes. Most of them have an average size ranging from 5′ x 7′ to 9′ x 12′. But you can also get these Oushak rugs in much smaller or larger sizes to fit your place. So when picking one, make sure to measure your room’s dimensions first to guide you.

Pro Tip:

Make sure that the dimensions of your Oushak rug are two feet from each side of your wall. For instance, you should get an 8′ x 10′ rug if your room’s measurements are 10′ x 12′. But you may deviate from this general rule, depending on what you see fit for your home. Additionally, it’s best to keep your furniture placement consistent. That means you must place your furniture either entirely or partially on your rug.

Purchase your Oushak rug from the best store.

Oushak rugs have become immensely popular for the luxurious and classy aesthetic they bring to our homes. You can choose from various designs, colors, and types right at your fingertips. But it may feel a bit overwhelming when picking the perfect Oushak rug.

In such instances, it’s always best to go for a rug store that has endured the test of time. These shops are usually the ones with many satisfied customers. That’s why we highly recommend purchasing the traditional Oushak rug from a distinguished rug store like Catalina Rug, which has been serving enthusiasts, collectors, investors, and homeowners for over three generations.

We ensure that our Oushak rugs are 100% inspected and hand-knotted by artisans for long-lasting quality and durability. Each product comes with a certificate of authenticity for your peace of mind. On top of that, we’re confident with the quality of our rugs, so we offer easy and free returns. We also have a friendly staff that walks you through our rugs and recommends the best styles and colors to match your needs and budget.

Final Words

If you have questions or suggestions, share them with us in the comments below. We’d be more than happy to hear you and guide you through your rug journey!

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