How To Maintain Your Oriental Rug In The Bathroom

When you want a bathroom rug, one of the cheap, shaggy bath mats that you can pick up in any large retail store may immediately come to mind. While this is perfectly all right for those who prefer to replace a mat-style rug, in the long run, these types of rugs may turn out to be more expensive and high-maintenance than you might imagine.

For those who absolutely love Oriental rugs, why compromise? With a little care, maintenance, and forward thinking, you can certainly place an Oriental rug in your bathroom. In fact, it can be the perfect piece of décor for your bathroom.

How To Maintain Your Oriental Rug In The Bathroom
Spot-cleaning Stains And Vacuuming Or Broom-sweeping Your Rugs Daily Is The Best Way To Keep Your Oriental Rugs Looking And Smelling Fresh And Clean.

Things to Consider When Buying an Oriental Rug for Your Bathroom

Before you go ahead and buy an Oriental rug for your bathroom, there are two things you should give some thought to:

1. Cotton is Best for the Bathroom

Though wool is warm and can wick away moisture, a cotton rug may be best for the bathroom, because it will absorb moisture without sustaining damage. Look for a rug with low pile. Bathrooms tend to be humid, and cotton is perfect for rooms that need to “breathe” a bit. If you prefer the distressed look of an antique cotton rug, then the bathroom is the perfect spot for these aging beauties. Distressed rugs are also often more affordable than their “perfect” counterparts.

2. Smaller is Better

Many bathrooms are smaller than the average room. Placing a large rug in this smaller space can make the whole room look cramped and overwhelming. Also, smaller rugs are easier to take out and clean and they dry faster too, both of which are really important factors in a bathroom rug.

Maintenance And Cleaning

As with all Oriental rugs, spot-cleaning stains and vacuuming or broom-sweeping your rugs daily is the best way to keep it looking and smelling fresh and clean.

You may want to air-dry your rug once a week to really get the excess moisture out.

Get a good rug pad to keep under your rug so that it not only provides a bit of cushioning but so that your rug isn’t in direct contact with the floor. This will make the rug easier to keep clean and easier to move so you can hang it outside to dry if your bathroom gets really humid.

Even though cotton or jute would be best in a bathroom, try to keep your Oriental rug as dry as possible.

Consider Your Family And Lifestyle

If you live in an unusually humid climate or if your family frequents the bathroom for showers, baths, and bathing the family dog, then an Oriental rug on your bathroom floor may not be the best choice.

If you have fallen in love with an Oriental rug and would love to display it in your bathroom, consider hanging your oriental rug on a wall instead of using it as a floor rug.

There are no hard and fast rules about placing an Oriental rug in the bathroom. As long as you take care of your rug, it will stay looking good for years to come.



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How To Maintain Your Oriental Rug In The Bathroom
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