How To Find Affordable Persian Rugs

For many first-time Persian rug buyers, the high price of these rugs often acts as a deterrent to owning a prized possession.

One of the main reasons why these rugs are expensive is because they are completely hand-made. Rug weavers spend many hours painstakingly creating one knot at a time till they’ve completed their creation. 

Each piece is a labor of love. Larger Persian rugs and those with elaborate patterns can take several months to get done.  This contributes to the higher price of these pieces of art.

The good news is, expensive doesn’t necessarily have to mean unaffordable. There are ways that you can own one of these fabulous creations at a price that you can afford.

Know Where To Splurge

Persian rugs come in a wide range of prices, depending on the materials they are made of, their knot count, and how elaborate the pattern is. Silk rugs are more expensive than their wool or cotton counterparts. Rugs with a higher knot count and those with more elaborate patterns are more expensive than those with a loser knot count and simpler patterns.

Different Size Persian Rugs

When looking for an affordable rug, choose one with a lower knot count or a simpler pattern, especially if you are placing it in a room with high foot traffic. These Persian rugs look just as good without the higher price tag.

Invest In A Rug That Will Hold Up For A Long Time

When you buy a Persian rug that you can pass down to the next generations it becomes more than just a décor accessory. It becomes an investment. Most types of Persian rugs are durable, regardless of knot count, price, or where they are made.

If you see one you like at a price you can afford, don’t hesitate to buy it both for its décor value as well as its investment value.

Determine The Right Size And Shape For Your Space

Rug Size is Too large for the space
Correct Rug Size For The Space

Buying a Persian rug on impulse could end up being a waste, especially if the rug doesn’t fit the space where you intend to place it. A rug that’s too large can make the room look cluttered, while one that’s too small will not create the impact you desire.

To get the best value from your purchase, measure the space where you want to put your rug and try and visualize what shape would look best there.  

Some spaces are versatile and can accommodate any shape, whether others are more restricted in what would look best. 

For example, can place a square, rectangular or round rug to cover a large bare space in the living room. However, none of these would look good in a long, narrow passage. 

For this space, the only option is to get a runner rug.

Take Time To Look Around

Taking time to look around is so important when you are looking for an affordable Persian rug. Rug stores have vast collections of rugs at a wide range of prices.

This selection varies from one seller to another. You never know what you may stumble upon as you take a look at what each store has in stock. 

Online Persian rug stores make this easy to do. You don’t have to trudge from one store to another. 

Just go to their online rug store, enter in the dimensions of the rug you are looking for and browse through their selection. It may take some time but you will find the perfect rug for you at a price that suits your budget too. 

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