How Oriental Rug Colors Affect Your Mood 

Oriental rugs come in a mesmerizing array of colors, with several colors being used in a single creation. How do you choose one rug from so many colorful options? If your home is already furnished, you may want to look for a rug that complements your existing décor. If your home is unfurnished, your choice will depend largely on the kind of look and mood you are trying to create.

It’s an acknowledged fact that color has a huge influence on our mood. Some colors help to calm you down, while others get you feeling more energetic and still others create a charged atmosphere. Here’s how Oriental rug colors can affect your mood.


Yellow colors in a rug will add an element of sunshine and cheer in any space. If you have a space that’s particularly dull and dreary, just adding a rug with noticeable yellow coloration will transform the space and make it more vibrant and cheerful.


Think of the mood you would like to create in a room and accordingly choose a rug that features colors that will help create that mood.

Blue induces feeling of trust and reliability, which is why it is often the preferred color choice for most financial institutions and even several social media sites. An Oriental rug that’s predominantly blue can create a feeling of calm, relaxation. It makes you feel like you are in a safe place. Too much blue can feel a bit impersonal and cold however. Offsetting this with splashes of bright yellow or orange splashes will inject some warmth and personality into the space.


Green is the classic symbol of peace and tranquility in nature. When placed in any room, a green Oriental rug will create a serene, harmonious ambiance with a difference. Instead of lulling you to sleep, green helps to increase your productive while still helping you to remain calm, restful and unstressed.


Red is associated with passion, excitement and love. On the other hand, it is also associated with danger. You have to be careful when using a red rug in a room because of the extreme moods that it tends to create. While a red rug may create a fabulously energetic mood in the kitchen or dining room, this is not the color you want to use in your bedroom.


Most people immediately visualize royalty when they think about the color purple. That’s not surprising as this color has long with associated with royalty and luxury. This is a great color to use when you want to give any room a luxurious, exotic look and feel. You don’t want to use too much purple too as that can be hugely distracting. With this color, less is more. If you want a purple Oriental rug, look for one that is combined with other colors or think about what other colors you can incorporate in the room to offset the purple.

When looking for an Oriental rug for your home, think of the mood you would like to create in a room and according choose a rug that features colors that will help create that mood.

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