How Decorating With Persian Rugs Make A Small Space Look Bigger

Most homeowners who live in apartments with small living rooms and smaller bedrooms don’t usually consider placing Persian rugs in their home. The misconception that Persian rugs are only meant for large spaces in all likelihood stems from the fact that large rugs are often talked about in décor magazines or put on display in prominent establishments.  

The fact is Persian rugs are available in a wide range of sizes and colors. With some planning, you can decorate with Persian rugs to make a small space look larger than it is.

Pick A Dark Colored Rug

Generally, most decorating experts recommend using light colored décor to make a small space look larger. While this holds true in most cases, a darker colored Persian rug can actually create this effect by drawing the eyes to its beautiful patterns and colors and its intricate workmanship.

By making the rug the focal point of the room, it draws attention away from the size of the room.

Opt For A Large Rug Instead Of Placing Several Small Rugs

One large rug creates a smooth, unlined flooring, which creates the illusion of a larger space.

One large rug creates a smooth, unlined flooring, which creates the illusion of a larger space. When you place several small rugs in a small space, it gives the space a cluttered, which in turn highlights the small size of the space and also gives it a cluttered, untidy look.

Layer Rugs

Layering rugs allows you to use a large rug for the room while still sticking to your decorating budget. Persian rugs are expensive and this is because of the way they are manufactured and the materials that are used.

If buying a large rug is out of your budget range, you can compromise by layering with rugs. It’s easy to do this. Buy one larger-sized rug made seagrass, rattan or jute. You will find that these are very affordable. Place this on the floor. Place a small Persian rug on top of this rug to give the space the desired color and texture.

Define Each Area

Do you have one room that is used for multiple purposes?

Do you have a kitchen come dining room or maybe a living room come dining room?

Or maybe your home-office occupies part of the living room?

Using rugs to define each area is a neat way to keep each area separate from the other and create a space between them so that the room looks larger and less cluttered instead of looking like you’ve crammed everything into one small space.

Keep The Front Legs Of Your Furniture Over The Rug

Placing the edge of the rug under the front legs of your furniture does two things – it creates a smoother transition between the rug and the furniture and also connects the different pieces of furniture together. This helps create a better sense of proportion in that space, which works very well to make the space look bigger.

Persian rugs can help liven up any space, no matter how small. The key to using Persian rugs to make a small space look bigger lies in choosing the right size and color of rug and experimenting with the right way to place it within that small space./

Persian rugs are available in a wide range of sizes and colors. Take a look at some of our Hand Knotted Persian rugs.

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