Beautifully Crafted Persian Rugs

An expertly- crafted Persian rug will surely be a classy and harmonizing enhancement when it comes to the interior decoration of one’s home. The long and elaborate History behind the Art of Rug making shows that the rugs of today are more sophisticated however, the rugs are known to add personality and warmth to your home. As you chose which type of handmade Persian rugs or hand-knotted Oriental rugs will be the best compliment to your home’s décor, keep mindful of the fact that handmade rugs are known to be very durable, more so than inferior mass-produced machine rugs and this durability is an added benefit of the rug as well as the use of natural and environmentally-friendly materials of silk and wool.

Geometric and Floral Patter Persian Rugs are crafted with the finest wool and dyes available and the long-history and attention-to-detail behind this art form is deeply embedded in the culture of the World. If Floral designs are what you want to compliment your home décor, you should look at our Rugs that originate from Tabriz, Kashan, Sarouk, Mashad or if you are looking for the more Geometric designs, you should consider a rug from Heriz, Abadeh, Qashqai , Shiraz , Kazk, or Karaja.

Beyond mere living and dining rooms, Persia and Oriental rugs are perfect for virtually every square foot of the house. If a homeowner thinks their hallways are too bare, then a runner rug will solve that dilemma rather quickly. These rugs come in a number of different styles such as Nain, Qashqai, and Hamadan, runner rugs are much longer than they are wide so they make excellent companions for hallways.

Ultimately, anyone debating interior decoration or some kind of home remodeling should consider the vast number of Persian or Oriental rugs available at Catalina Rug, Inc. and our experts know that we have a beautiful and durable Persian Rug that will perfectly compliment every room in your house. We at Catalina Rug take pride in offering the finest Persian and Oriental Rugs available to you and these upscale rugs will surely add much color, character and comfort to your living or work space.

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