Hand-Knotted Persian and Oriental Rugs

The most appealing aspect of buying a new Persian Rug from Catalina Rug is that there are absolutely no middlemen when it comes to the purchasing of our quality rugs. Our seasoned staff goes right to the source in order to find the finest and most authentic hand-knotted Persian rugs. Catalina Rug sends professionals all around the globe looking for expertly crafted Persian rugs to export directly and immediately to the United States.

Here at Catalina Rug, we assure our valued customers that they are getting the most authentic, beautiful and absolutely genuine Persian rugs. An inexperienced Rug buyer could be very mislead when it comes to purchasing Persian and Oriental rugs—to find a quality hand-knotted rug, one must go to the source and that’s exactly what our professionals do. To ensure the safety and long term sustainability of your beautiful Persian rug, we professionally package and ship them to our facilities and from there, Catalina Rug provides free shipping within the United States to ensure not only the satisfaction of our most valued customers, but also the safety and integrity during the transporting your new fine Persian rug.

We assure our customers that the Persian and Oriental hand- knotted rugs at Catalina Rug are of the utmost quality and expertly crafted in the most accomplished regions throughout India, Iran, and Pakistan. Catalina Rug is the most reputable dealer in the United States for the highest quality Persian and Oriental rugs. Call or visit us today to see our imported elegant hand-knotted and fine Persian Rugs at CatalinaRug.com

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