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In this month’s newsletter from Catalina…

We put Signature Rugs under the spotlight, right where they belong. And bring you some useful information regarding how to use your under rug padding, including how to roll-up a rug for transit.

See your February Newsletter below…

Question: which side of the under rug padding, should face up, when you are positioning your rug on the floor? (answer is revealed below).

Ok, let’s talk about rug transit.

If you’re putting your rug away for storage or sending it onto your new home or shipping it off to be cleaned. Following the steps below, will ensure your rug is kept in great condition.

See the following steps for guidance:

Answer: Use either side of the under rug padding, it is the same on both sides.

Follow the steps above, and your rug will unfold, good as new, without any damage.


“Pets on Persian Rugs”

In 2019 we decided to bring some more joy & warmth into your home and the world of Persian Rugs…

So we launched a new raffle & competition.

Here’s how it works…

If you have a cat, dog, rodent, reptile, pig or other… send us your snaps – and we’ll feature your picture on our website – and add you to the prize draw.

When you send us your picture of your Pet/s on Persian Rugs… you’ll be automatically entered into our competition to win a ‘special discount’ or ‘prize’.

Click here if you’d like to add your submission.

No pets? No problem.

Teddy Bear’s, Garden Gnomes and anything else that could bring a smile will be accepted as valid entries.

Visit our showroom from home…

Live Video Call

Did you know that you can visit our showroom from the comfort of your own home?
Well, you can.

Simply book your call on our ‘Live Video Scheduling Page’ – and Rose will host a live call, so you can see the rug you are interested in and get your questions answered.

It’s not quite the same as running your own hand across the smooth piles, and feeling the quality craftsmanship – but it’s the next best thing.Book your virtual tour – on this page here.

In the spotlight this month…

Signature Rugs

There is no mistaking the superior quality of a signature (signed) rug.

These works of art exhibit flawless craftsmanship, superb materials, unique & outstanding design, and incredible color combinations.

Signature Persian rugs come mostly from the weaving regions of Nain, Tabriz, Qum, and Isfahan.

This distinctive symbol of the weaver can be of:

*the workshop where it was made
*the weaver who wove the rug
*year made
*the region of origin
*and in some cases, all the above.

The rug pictured below is a signature rugs, looks good, doesn’t it?

If you’d like to see more designs like this – (simply click this link here).

Twin Rugs

What else is happening in February?

Well, there are rare occasions when a master rug-weaver will use one design to make identical rugs, creating both at the same time.

Because sometimes two rugs look better in a room than one.

Especially when placed either side of a bed or living room for beautiful symmetrical interior design.

If that sounds like your kind of thing, then look out for a message showcasing these ‘Persian Twins’ – later this month.

In case you missed it…

How Persian Rugs Can Spruce Up The Look Of Your Kitchen

Persian rugs can suit any room.

Especially a high-traffic area like your kitchen.

Read on to see more info…

How To Know If It’s A Genuine Silk Persian Rug

There is nothing quite like the look and feel of a silk rug.

When shopping for a Persian rug made from silk, there are 3 things you can do to find out if it is genuine.

Plus, we share some care tips at the bottom of this article.

Read on to see more info…

Ok, so that concludes this month’s news from Catalina.

Until next time,

Rose, Jeff and Shawn Shadkam
Catalina Rug, Inc

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