Fake or Genuine? Telling the Difference when Buying a Persian Rug

What could be a greater addition to any décor than hand woven oriental rugs?  These are very durable, treasured and attractive rugs that are popular universally, they have been around for hundreds of years and just never go out of style.  However, just like anything else in demand, there are fake Persian rugs sold by unscrupulous merchants seeking to make a quick buck.  How can you tell between a fake and a genuine Persian rug?  Most people may not easily tell the difference between handmade and machine-made rugs, read this post to find out how you can avoid getting duped into buying fake Persian rugs.

– Authentic Persian rugs are made in the middle eastern regions including Afghanistan, Iran, Tibet, India, Turkey, Nepal, China and Pakistan.  Most machine made rugs are made in Europe and US. Their value often tends to vary on age, popularity, region of origin and sizes.

– Check the design of the Persian rug you are eyeing, both the front and the back.  A fake Persian rug has some kind of mesh over the design at the back but is often less visible.

– Check the perfection of the design both in the front and the back.  A genuine handmade Persian rugshould have imperfections because they are made using wooden looms.  Fake machine made rugs are often perfect and have no signs of use.

– How does the fringe around the carpet look? The fringe on a fake rug will appear to have been sewn on after the rug was completed.

– Compare different designs in a stack and find out how identical they are.  Chances are that the rug is a fake if it is identical with other designs.  Authentic Persian carpets are made one by one, making it difficult to find identical designs.  Even when they look similar, a closer scrutiny should show that there are variations.

– The price is another factor that can tell you whether you are looking at a fake or an authentic Persian rug.  Fake rugs are often very cheap and can go for even less than half the price of a genuine rug. Note that a genuine handmade rug is made from silk, cotton, wool or sheep hair that cost more to produce than the fabric used on a fake rug and this makes the authentic rugs more costly but higher in quality.

Do not take chances when purchasing a Persian rugs you need to take time to ensure you are purchasing a high quality, hand woven durable rug.  Do your homework before buying and always buy from a reputed dealer.