Easy Guide To Placing Oriental Rugs In The Bathroom

At first, a bathroom might seem an unusual place for using an Oriental rug because of the dampness, the constant spills, and the moisture that tends to hang around in this type of space. However, done right, you can place a rug in the bathroom and still keep it looking and feeling as fresh and new as the day you put it in. We’ve got some easy tips to share with you if you are considering placing an Oriental rug in your bathroom but are not sure how to go about it the right way.

Go for thin, low-pile rugs to be used in the bathroom.

Opt For Hand-knotted Rugs

Hand-knotted rugs, no matter what material they are made from, tend to be more resilient and have a more pleasant feel to them than their machine-made counterparts. Hand-knotted rugs may also last longer than machine-made because the knots have been constructed to withstand lots of wear and tear. Low or very thin pile helps to keep stains and dust to a minimum, so go for thin, low-pile rugs to be used in the bathroom. Oriental rugs made of cotton and sisal may work best for this room.

Location Matters

Is there a portion of your bathroom that tends to stay drier than the rest? If so, that is where you want to place your Oriental rug. The drier the location, the better. This is because rugs tend to acquire a musty odor if they are constantly damp with no chance of drying out.

Choose Runners For Long And Narrow Bathrooms

Runners and oblong ovals tend to work best in long, narrow bathrooms that may need a little sprucing up with just a pop of color or pattern. Oriental rugs are perfect in these types of settings because they add a touch of luxury in an otherwise banal space that no one else really thinks about. The ideal combination for a long narrow bathroom is a long runner with a low pile.

Get A Good Rug Pad

Bathrooms are some of the wettest rooms in the entire house. Rug pads can help elevate an Oriental rug so it is not only flat on the floor, but also to provide some air for circulation. Rug pads also help cushion your feet, which is very helpful when you first get out of the tub or shower. Rug pads can help absorb moisture and some rug pads may even help your rug keep itself in place.

Do Frequent Professional Cleanings

Because a bathroom is used so frequently, daily shakings or quick vacuuming may be necessary if you want to use an Oriental rug in your bathroom. You may also want to get the rug professionally cleaned on a regular basis. The cleanings will be more frequent, but your rug will look beautiful and this will help your rug last longer than just letting it settle into any dust or grime.

Don’t let anyone talk you out of placing an Oriental rug in your bathroom. With these few tips, you can create a colorful space in your bathroom without damaging the fabric or structure of the Oriental rug.


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