Do Pets And Persian Rugs Mix?

We get it: Persian rugs can be confusing. On the one hand, they are works of art -finely crafted, handmade items that hold the imagery and symbolism of some of the world’s most storied cultures. But unlike art, Persian rugs are tough, scrappy, durable in the extreme. It is as if someone showed you the Mona Lisa and then said “Go ahead, dance on it.”

Resolving this paradox is simpler than it might seem: Persian rugs were invented to serve a function, and only assumed the ornamentation as they evolved into luxury items and legal tender. The toughness came first; the art was secondary. Persian rug were twisted, tied, cut and finished to keep floors warm and walls insulated, and nothing about these pliant artworks was more essential than their ability to withstand the extremes of desert travel.

All of which is prelude to today’s common question: “Can I bring a Persian carpet into a home with a pet?” The answer is yes. Most Persian rugs are made of wool, which is one of the hardiest fibers nature has ever given us. Wool is storied for its buoyancy: It can bounce back in a mere afternoon from heat, cold, moisture and dust, often with one pass of a vacuum or a few good shakes. Indeed, many pet owners tell us that their dogs and cats quickly grow to love our rugs for their warmth and softness.

The only mild risk is stains: Even weathered wool can take on color if a dog or cat is bent on soiling it with sufficient gumption. Thankfully stains, too, can be removed with gentle household products.

The Persian rugs we sell at Catalina Rug are practically indestructible, designed like their forebears to take a beating in every climate. If you have a four-legged companion and question whether your carpet can stand the company, take heart: rug and dog are often inseparable.

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