Decorating With Red Persian Rugs

A red Persian rug can add a punch of bright, vibrant color to any room. They are hugely popular for placing in the living and dining rooms, as well as the kitchen and bathroom. If you are planning on purchasing a red Persian rug for your home, taking some time to learn a little about these fabulous floor pieces can make for interesting conversations with guests.

Meaning Of Red Color In Persian Rugs

Weavers of Persian rugs are very intentional about the colors they use in their creations. They weave designs to narrate their story and the colors play an important role in this narrative. Every color conveys a specific message.

Red represents a gamut of emotions including joy, passion, courage, confidence, vitality and action. It is a warm, energizing color that evokes feelings of happiness and excitement. All Persian rugs do not have the same shade of red. The red used can range from bright, vibrant scarlet to a lighter, softer shade.

Rug weavers used red both, to convey their happy feelings and also to highlight certain elements in their design.

What Are Natural Dyes

When researching Persian rugs, you will read that artisans used only natural dyes to add color to their creations. Synthetic dyes are never used. So what exactly are natural dyes?

Natural dyes are derived from the roots, stems, leaves and flowers of various plants and also from insect parts, and naturally found minerals. The exact method of obtaining the dye depends on the source being used. Generally, the source material is soaked in water to extract its natural colors. Before using the solution to color the wool, it is first ‘fixed’ using another solution made from assorted mineral salts. This prevents the dye from bleeding or fading.

Weavers make their dyes in batches and because there is no standardized method each piece often has variations in the colors. This only adds to the unique features of Persian rugs.

Natural dyes are not the same as vegetable dyes. Natural dyes are obtained from all naturally available resources, including plants, animals and minerals, while vegetable dyes are obtained only from vegetables.

How Is Red Color Dye Produced

Red color due is obtained naturally from various sources including plant parts, weeds, snails, and beetles. The most common source used to extract red dye is the root of the madder plant. The red color obtained from the madder root has an orange-red tint. Cochineal bugs are another commonly used source for extracting red color dye. The dye obtained from these bugs has a more pronounced burgundy red color. The red dye from cochineal bugs is often called Spanish red. This is because it is popularly used in Spanish rugs too.

Add a punch of color, energy, and joy to your room with these selection of red Persian rugs. They come in a large assortment of shapes and sizes, so you are sure to find one that’s suitable for your home.

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