Decorating Transitional Interiors With Persian Rugs

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What is Transitional Design

Transitional design is a popular style for homeowners and decorators because it can be adapted to suit any taste or era. It combines elements of both traditional and contemporary design, making ita versatile choice that never goes out of style.

If you’re looking for a way to update your home without going too radical, a transitional design might be the perfect solution!

Persian Rug in Transitional Home
Transitional Interiors Are Popular For Homes With Open Floor Plans.

Key elements:

  • Refined furnishing that blends contemporary and traditional elements
  • Simple lines
  • Natural elements
  • Understated Sophistication

A Brief History of Transitional Design

Transitional design became popular in the early 21st century. While homeowners began seeking out ways to update their homes without completely overhauling their existing décor.

It is often described as the “bridge” between traditional and contemporary styles. Unlike traditional designs which tend to be more formal and ornate, transitional designs are more straightforward and more understated.

However, they also differ from contemporary designs, which often feature sharp lines and stark colors. The striking of a balance between the two helped to create a more timeless design.

Transitional Design Features Elements Of Neutral Colors, Simple Lines, And Natural Materials.

Transitional design began to emerge in the late 1990s, as homeowners became more interested in mixing different styles. The term transitional was not coined until 2002, when designer Kathy Fielding published an article in MarionHome magazine. Since then, transitional design has become increasingly popular, with many designers and homeowners embracing its versatility.

Popular Color Schemes

Transitional design often uses a neutral color scheme. This allows the space to feel open and airy, while providing a calming and relaxing atmosphere. This can include a range of colors from cool whites to warm ivory, taupe and browns.

These colors have the ability to make a room feel larger and more open. And the versatility makes them easy to pair with other colors, making them a great choice for a transitional design.

When using neutral colors in your home, be sure to mix and match different shades to create interest and dimension. You can also incorporate accent colors to add pops of contrast and personality to a space.

The neutral colors help to provide the timelessness of the style. While some colors are trendy and go out of style, these neutral colors remain popular throughout many years.

Perfect Rugs To Incorporate in this Color Scheme:

When you are selecting a Persian rug to suit your Transitional space look for ones in neutral colors that will create a cohesive color scheme. Try one in beige, ivory or brown.

Tabriz 8' x 11'

This Tabriz 8’ x 11’ is a great option to incorporate a rug with a brown field. The green border helps to incorporate a pop of color and the floral design adds the traditional style that adds character to the transitional style.

Oushak 2'7'' x 4'0''

The Oushak 2’7 x 4’0” offers the neutral colors in a hand-knotted 100% handspun Ghazni Wool Pile and cotton foundation. The floral design and field of ivory is made from vegetable dyes.

Transitional Rug Options

When choosing a rug for a transitional space, it is important to consider both function and form. The rug should be durable enough to withstand the traffic of the room but also stylish to compliment the room.

The pattern is also an important consideration. A busy pattern can help to ground a space and provide visual interest, while a more subtle pattern can help to create a sense of openness. Ultimately, the best rug for a transitional space is one that finds the balance between function and form.

Patterns that complement a transitional can range from modern designs to traditional patterns. Modern patterns can include geometric designs while traditional patterns can incorporate more floral motifs.

Ivory And Beige Colors Help Create An Open And Bright Interior.

This image shows a light rug within a transitional space. It helps to keep the light room feeling open and bright. Many Persian rugs can be used to help create a similar feeling in your own transitional space.

Nain 8'3" x 11'10"

This Nain 8’3 x 11’10” offers a neutral color palette that compliments transitional designs as well as a floral motif that adds a traditional appearance to the rug. The rug is hand-knotted with silk and wool pile and cotton foundation.

Tabriz 2'2" x 6'3"

Tabriz 2’2” x 6’3” has a beige field with a brown border, featuring a hunting design with floral elements. Made with 100% wool with a cotton foundation.

Dark Color Rugs Also Works For Transitional Interiors.

This transitional room shows a darker rug option that brings in some cooler elements to the grey toned room. It shows that you can easily incorporate deeper colors if you prefer this type of color palette for your transitional design.

Tabriz Rugs Often Feature Dark Color Palette With Deep Reds.

Like this room, you can incorporate a rug like the Tabriz 9’8 x 12’10” which features a dark color palette with deep reds. This rug is a certified authentic Persian rug that is a great example of skill and artistry in the renowned Tabriz rug world.

The floral design is made of vibrant colors of beige, green, red, brown and gold is hand-knotted with a high density of approximately 169 KPSI. It is 100% wool pile which makes it thick and plush.

It is a great way to add a luxurious look to your transitional design. The large size makes it perfect for large living rooms or formal dining spaces.

Tabriz 9'8" x 12'10"

Décor Options

Popular styles such as coastal or farmhouse designs often use transitional elements. For example, a traditional fireplace might be updated with a sleek marble surround, or a simple farm table might be paired with sophisticated metal-framed chairs. By mixing and matching different elements, you can create a space that is both stylish and comfortable.

An Easy Way To Give Your Home A Fresh Vibe Is To Decorate Your Floors With Light Colored Persian Rugs.

Using transitional style elements like neutral colors, simple lines, and minimalistic accessories can help to give an old-fashioned space a fresh feel. Whether you are looking to refresh your décor or start from scratch, transitional design is a versatile option that is able to complement many other designs.

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