Decorating Rustic Interiors With Persian Rugs

Rustic design is a style that has been around for centuries. It is characterized by rough-hewn and unfinished wood, exposed beams and a lack of ornate embellishments. This design can be seen in many historic buildings through out the world.

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Rustic Home
Rustic Design Can Also Be Considered Lodge Style.

The style of “Rustic” can be used to describe a variety of popular styles, everything from farmhouse to French country and tuscan style estates can all be described as “rustic”. All of which embody the characteristics of natural, rough, aged and casual. But to have a space truly be rustic several elements need to be present.

Elements of Rustic Living Rooms

Rustic living rooms often have dark wood floors, fireplaces and large windows to let in lots of natural light. Many of the elements are used to add warmth and coziness to the room. The large windows help to bring a lightness that is readily absorbed by the dark floors and other deep colors in the space.

Rustic Interior
Natural Pieces And Earthy Color Palette Are The Key Elements Of Rustic Interiors.

Things like soft linens, wood slab dining tables and tree stump coffee tables are all decor ideas of rustic design. There are 5 major elements that go into rustic design style.

  1. Raw Materials – Incorporating natural and rugged materials like stone, woods and terracottas as well as softer materials such as linen and wools give the space an inviting feeling
  2. Earthy Colors – Reds, browns, greens and all of the colors found in nature form the color palette of this style.
  3. Animal Inspiration – Elements inspired by nature such as antlers over the fireplace and animal hides can all be used to create a link to animals in your space. More subtle options to create this appearance is the use of leather furniture or fur blankets.
  4. Warmth – Fireplaces and other warm lighting can help to create the cozy and inviting atmosphere that is characteristic of rustic designs.
  5. Greenery – Live plants help to add a pop of color and create the woodsy feeling

What Makes Rustic Interior Decorating So Popular

Homeowners have begun to prefer a style that reflects the natural surroundings in contrast to the ‘fake’ and overly controlled feeling of modern interior design.

Rustic Living Room Interior
Rustic Interiors Use Lots Of Natural Wood In Furnitures And Beams As Well As Natural Stones.

The idea of “rust chic” has been gaining popularity in recent years, where people want to bring the natural charm and warmth of cottages and chalets into their home throughout the year. Making the space more cozy than the sleek and cold styles of modern and minimalistic designs.

Rustic design styles can be used in any room of your house. Subtle touches of rustic styling can easily bring the comfort and charm of the style to any space.

How Persian Rugs Can Bring Rustic Style to your Home

The Color Palette Revolves In Neutrals And Earthy Tones.

An emphasis on the natural

One of the crucial elements of a rustic home, is the use of natural materials. Whether that is the use of lots of wood and stone or through the use of materials like canvas and leathers. At its core rustic design is about using materials in their most natural state.

This is one reason that rust Persian rugs make the perfect addition to a rustic styled room. Most Persian rugs are made with natural dyes, using things like roots, nuts, seeds and leaves. The natural dyes create broad and balanced palettes that are inspired by the colors of nature. Making them a perfect addition into the color palette and design of a rustic home.

Natural materials such as wool and cotton are used to create the hand woven designs of the rugs. Allowing the natural materials to shine within the space and giving it a touch of warmth and comfort. Giving the space a homey feeling that is welcoming is key to the design style.


Color Palette

Persian rugs come in a wide variety of color palettes which make them very versatile and able to suit any design style.

When it comes to rustic designs, color palettes are derived from nature. This can be greens, browns, and other fall colors. This can be seen from the dark green of leaves, the warm orange of a sunset, and earthy browns of mud. These colors help to create a warm cozy feeling to an interior.

These colors are all available options in Persian rugs that can help you to incorporate a variety of natural, deep and warm tones.

The most popular option to incorporate is deep red.

Red Persian Rugs

Red Persian Rug In Living Room
Deep Reds And Oranges Keeps The Space Feeling Warm And Homey.

Red is one of the most popular colors for Persian rugs, giving you tons of options to choose from. One lovely option that could easily be incorporated into a rustic design is This Tabriz 8’2” x 11’6”. Its beautiful design has great consistency and has a perfectly symmetrical pattern of a decorative vase design.

Tabriz 8'2" x 11'6"
Tabriz 8'2" x 11'6"

Neutral Persian Rugs

This can be anything from light cream colors to dark browns. All colors that are found in nature through the bark of trees and other natural dye materials.

Rustic Home Interior
Light Cream To Dark Brown Colors Helps Create The Rustic Vibe.

These neutral color palettes can be seen in rugs like the Oushak 3’10” x 6’0”. Which is an oriental rug that is hand knotted with 100% handspun Ghazni wool pile and cotton foundation. Giving it the perfect feel of high quality natural materials that is so important in rustic design.

Oushak 3'10'' x 6'0''
Oushak 3'10'' x 6'0''

Green Persian Rugs

The color green is so easily associated with nature and helps to create a feeling of calm and peacefulness in interior design. This makes green a great choice for a Persian rug in a rustic space.

Turkoman 7'1" x 10'4"
Turkoman 7'1" x 10'4"

This Turkoman 7’1”x10’4” would make a great addition to add depth to a rustic interior. The green field with beige border features an all over design. Made with 100% wool with a wool foundation.

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