Comic-Con for Persian Rugs? Only in Tehran

There are trade shows, there are expos, and then there is the International Handmade Carpet Exhibition of Iran. This unthinkably large celebration takes place just once a year, bringing together many of the most gifted rug weavers and designers in all of Persia. The event itself can feel a bit overwhelming: everywhere you look are fine examples of the most dazzling handmade rugs in the world.

The exhibition seems to grow every year, and it isn’t hard to guess why:

According to the minister, hand-woven carpet is Iran’s second most important export item after oil.

Iran has exported $560 million worth of hand-woven carpets in the last (Iranian) year (March 21, 2011 – March 19, 2012).

The country exported handmade carpets to more than 80 countries last year.

Iran is the leading exporter of hand-woven carpets. Persian rugs are highly sought out for their intricate design and skilled craftsmanship.

Here at Catalina Rug, we are proud to maintain strong ties with many of this year’s presenters and featured artists. If you’d like to get your hands on a truly stunning example of a Persian carpet, please don’t hesitate to browse our full selection here.

For more on the Exhibition, check out the press clip below.

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