Common Misconceptions About Rugs

When it comes to oriental rugs, misconceptions abound. Unfortunately this has led many people to make expensive mistakes when they are looking for an oriental rug for their home or office space. Knowing what is fact and what is myth can help you avoid making such mistakes. Below you will find some of the more […]

Palace Size Bakhtyari Rug 16 x 20

    If you are looking for a rug to add drama to an otherwise subdued décor, this is it! With its bright colors and overly busy design this Bakhtyari is eye catching. Measuring 15’9″ x 20’, this particular piece boasts bold design elements in a combination of rich colors. The colors and design elements […]

Oriental Wool Rugs

Wool Rugs Have Many Benefits

Oriental Wool rugs is a generic term that includes all wool rugs which are woven in the Oriental regions of Persia, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and China. They are all handmade and all materials and dyes used are sourced from natural materials. One of the main materials use on Oriental  rugs is wool. Wool is a natural, […]

Elegant Nain Rug

  Nain rugs are cherished by rug enthusiasts all over the world for their incredibly fine weave and extraordinarily intricate and symmetrical composition. This 10 x 13’4″ rug bears all of the hallmarks of a quintessential Nain rug. The Iran Carpet Company Even better, it bears the signature of the Iran Carpet Company. Established in […]

How To Clean Your Kilim Rug?

If you own a kilim, it is important to know that even though a kilim is a kind of rug, it cannot be cleaned like other rugs. The mistake many kilim owners make is that they use the same tips and guidelines that are laid out for oriental rugs. However, while some of the methods […]

Mashad Runner From Astan Ghots

  Oriental runner rugs with size dimensions of 8’2″ x 30’6″are very rare but that’s only one of the many features that make this Mashad rug unique. The Makers Of Mashad Rugs The rug bears the Astan Ghots signature, which a testament to its exceptional quality. This is a reputed rug-manufacturing company that was established […]

Unique Heriz Rug

Estimated to be about 100 to 120 years,This Heriz rug is an antique and was a prized possession of an ardent rug collector. It took 10 long years of persuasion to get the collector to part with this rug. One look at the rug and it’s easy to see why. A Unique And Intricate Pattern […]

Allover Design Tabriz Rug with Soft Colors

Tabriz rugs are known for their exceptionally high quality ad this fabulous rug does not disappoint. Measuring 11′ 3″ X 16’3″, This Tabriz rug has a beautiful combination of patterns and colors that is a quite unique. The field has an allover design that has been cleverly created using a combination of muted colors including […]

11′ x 16′ Red Tabriz Rug with Alabaf Signature

This stunning, one of a kind Tabriz rug bears the Alabaf signature, a signature that by itself speaks volumes about the high quality of the rug. Alabaf rugs have a long, interesting history that spans several generations of the illustrious Alabaf family, with each generation improving upon the quality while still retaining their family tradition. The […]

Price vs. Quality of Oriental Rugs

Price vs. quality, What Should You Give More Importance To When Buying An Oriental Rug? Of course everybody would love to own the finest quality oriental rug but very often the high price can be a seriously limiting factor. The price of a high quality oriental rug can run into thousands of dollars and not […]

Is a Persian Rug a Good Investment?

Persian Rugs Are Investments One of the biggest differences between hand knotted Persian rugs and the machine made varieties is their investment value. You can buy a Persian rug and use it in your home and it will still retain its value after several years provided of course that it is not worn out or damaged. Machine […]

outside of an ancient rug market in iran

History of Oriental Rugs in 5-Minutes

The history of oriental rugs goes back several thousand years. From that time to now these rugs have undergone several transformations but interestingly, despite all of the changes in designs and weaving techniques, most rugs have stayed true to form. When it comes to oriental rugs, it really is true what they say – “The […]