How To Find Affordable Persian Rugs

For many first-time Persian rug buyers, the high price of these rugs often acts as a deterrent to owning a prized possession. One of the main reasons why these rugs are expensive is because they are completely hand-made. Rug weavers spend many hours painstakingly creating one knot at a time till they’ve completed their creation. […]

Are Oriental Runners Worth Buying?

Oriental runners look gorgeous but they cost much more than an area rug with the same dimensions. When deciding between the available options, homeowners often wonder whether it is worth the higher price to own an Oriental runner. If you’re feeling torn about which runner to buy, here are 3 of many reasons why we […]

How To Decorate With Persian Rugs In The Summer

The warm sunny days of summer call for a style of décor that’s quite different from the cooler autumn months or the icy cold winter season. While thick, plush, woolen rugs with large patterns and dark colors may look cozy and comfortable in autumn and winter, they may not be the most appropriate to decorate […]

How Oriental Rug Colors Affect Your Mood 

Oriental rugs come in a mesmerizing array of colors, with several colors being used in a single creation. How do you choose one rug from so many colorful options? If your home is already furnished, you may want to look for a rug that complements your existing décor. If your home is unfurnished, your choice […]

Quick Guide For First-Time Persian Rug Buyer

Buying a Persian rug for the first time can be as overwhelming as it is exciting. Browsing through the many types of Persian rugs available can be a real delight but choosing just one from these choices can be challenging. This quick guide will help to make the buying process easier for you. Choose A […]

5 Reasons To Buy Flatweave Oriental Rugs

Flatweave Oriental rugs are hand woven rugs that are thinner than the typical long-piled Oriental rug. They are made from cotton or wool and have a flat weave with no pile. This gives them a very distinctive look that sets them apart from most other types of rugs. Their slimness makes them very versatile too. […]

How To Style Your Home With Persian Rugs

Persian rugs add a fabulous element of style to your home décor but sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start. Should you have multiple rugs or just one? Should it complement your existing décor or does a contrasting style look better? How to choose the right patterns and colors? All of these questions can […]