Persian Rugs Design Guide

Persian rugs come in an endless variety of designs. Although each design is unique, they can all be grouped into three categories – floral designs, geometric designs, and universal designs. Within each category, the designs can be further divided into additional subcategories depending on their structure or layout. Here’s a look into the interesting world […]

Why Designers Love Persian Rugs As A Wall Art

Persian rugs are a versatile addition to any home décor. They add color, texture, warmth, and comfort to any room they are placed in. What’s more, you aren’t limited to using these striking pieces on the floor only. With their rich, vivid colors and elaborate designs, a Persian rug can also double up as fascinating […]

7 Reasons Why Your Next Rug Should Be Wool

Wool rugs are known for their beauty, quality, and durability. They are also an affordable way to add a touch of coziness and warmth to any room. But there’s much more to wool rugs than these obvious qualities. Here’s what you should know about how long wool rugs last and 7 reasons why your next […]

10 Interior Design Ideas With Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are a versatile home décor accessory. They come in a vast array of colors, sizes and styles that can be used in a variety of ways to transform the look of any room. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to decorating with these colorful, multi-patterned pieces of art. We’ve […]

Why Persian Rugs Bleed And How To Fix It

It’s natural to feel anxious after you discover that some of the colors from your prized Persian rug have started to run or bleed. After all, you would have paid a significant amount for the rug and a color bleed is not what you expected. The first thing you should know is that color bleeding […]

Persian Rugs Los Angeles

Catalina Rug Has Been In The Rug Business For Three Generations Catalina Rug has been in the rug business for three generations. Through the years every generation has remained steadfastly committed to maintaining the highest standards, both in terms of the rugs we offer and our customer service. Catalina Rug started off as a family-run […]

The Meaning Behind Persian Rug Colors

Persian rugs usually feature a wide range of motifs and patterns in a rainbow of colors. What’s interesting is that these motifs, patterns, and colors are not just chosen randomly. Weavers chose every feature with great care in order to narrate their unique story. Every element in each rug has a special meaning. Understanding the […]

Decorating With Red Persian Rugs

A red Persian rug can add a punch of bright, vibrant color to any room. They are hugely popular for placing in the living and dining rooms, as well as the kitchen and bathroom. If you are planning on purchasing a red Persian rug for your home, taking some time to learn a little about […]

6 Types Of Tribal Persian Rugs

Tribal rugs are produced by nomadic tribes that were always on the move in search for better pastures for their sheep. The nomadic lifestyle of the weavers has a major impact on the shape, colors, and designs of these rugs. Tribal weavers used their surroundings as inspiration for their designs. All dyes used were also […]

7 Types Of Village Persian Rugs

Village rugs are produced by weavers that are settled in one location. They are different from tribal rugs that are produced by nomadic tribes that moved from one location to another. City rugs are produced on order in structured settings in bigger towns. Each type of rug has their own unique characteristics. Village rugs are […]

Should You Worry About Oriental Rug Imperfections

Oriental rugs are completely handmade from start to finish. It’s almost impossible for any weaver to produce another rug that’s exactly the same in every way. This means no two Oriental rugs will be identical in every way. Interestingly, it is the same handmade nature of the rug that also results in a few imperfections. […]

How Important Is A Knot Count

Knot count – an interesting term that has sparked off several discussions amongst rug enthusiasts. While some insist that rug count plays a key role in determining the cost of an Oriental rug, others disagree on this matter. It’s time to take a closer look into what exactly knot count is and how it impacts […]

How To Find Affordable Persian Rugs

For many first-time Persian rug buyers, the high price of these rugs often acts as a deterrent to owning a prized possession. One of the main reasons why these rugs are expensive is because they are completely hand-made. Rug weavers spend many hours painstakingly creating one knot at a time till they’ve completed their creation. […]