Are Persian And Oriental Rugs Good Investments?

Some people may decide to buy Persian and Oriental rugs for their sheer beauty and unparalleled workmanship, while others would like to first consider their investment value first. That’s not surprising, considering these rugs can be quite expensive.

If you are looking at buying Persian or Oriental rugs as an investment, you’ll be happy to know that they are absolutely worth it. Hand-made Oriental and Persian rugs are investment pieces that often outlast their original owners. Some of these are museum-worthy pieces that have been in families for generations and cherished by those who inherit them. While many recipients choose to keep these priceless heirlooms, others may choose to sell them at a price that’s several times higher than the original price.

Tips For Buying Persian Or Oriental Rugs For Investment

When buying Persian or Oriental rugs as an investment you have to take a slightly different approach than when you are buying a rug for home décor purposes. For one thing, you must take extra care that the piece you are buying is in fact a good investment.

Some things you should consider are:

Whether the rug is used or unused

Rugs with limited wear are considered more valuable than those who have been well-worn and well-loved. This is because rugs that have been in use will show some signs of wear and tear, however minimal. They just do not have the luster and sheen that unused rugs have.

Condition of the rug

Goes without saying that a rug that is in immaculate condition will make a better investment. However, minor damage can be repaired by rug repair experts so that the damage is invisible so if you find a rug that is great but has some minor damage, don’t dismiss it entirely.

Age of the rug

Older rugs are considered to be better investments but not all rugs can be appraised based solely on their age. The condition of the rug plays a huge factor in its worth. Rugs with large stains, obvious damage, or that are generally in bad shape are not as worthy as those with limited or no damage, or that are in pristine condition.

Knot count

Rugs with higher knot count tend to be of higher quality because of the better quality of materials used, the more skilled craftsmanship, and the more marked outline of the designs. Though these rugs will cost more when buying them, you will eventually get a higher return on your investment.

Have The Rug Appraised Before Buying

Unless you are an expert in Persian and Oriental rugs, it is important to get the rug appraised by a professional before buying any as investment pieces.

Rug appraisers are specially trained to inspect a rug and give you the true value of each piece. They are experienced at determining the age, and condition of Persian and Oriental rugs based various factors. They will take a closer look at the materials used, the patterns on the rug and the types of knots worked, and can even determine the region the piece was made in originally.

It is definitely worth your time and effort to ask around and find a good antique rug appraiser if you are considering buying Persian and Oriental rugs for investment.