Antique Heriz Rugs: Making A Style Statement With Woven Art

Heriz rugs are created by artisans who live in a little-known village located near Mount Sabalan in the Azerbaijan province in Iran. It’s amazing that this remote village is the birthplace of some of the most stunning Persian rugs.

Heriz rugs are renowned for their visual appeal and durability. The rugs are vibrantly colored with a characteristic design. They are heavier and more durable than most other types of Persian rugs.

Antique Heriz Rugs: Making A Style Statement With Woven Art

Why Choose a Heriz Rug?

While each type of Persian rug has its own unique properties that make them immensely durable, the one quality of Heriz rugs that sets them apart is their durability. The secret behind the rug’s resilience lies in the water that is found around the area.

Mount Sabalan is rich in copper and this mineral leaches its way into the water. When the sheep drink this water, they also take in some amount of copper. This copper affects the texture and strength of their wool. Rugs made from this wool tend to be more durable and longer-lasting. In fact, you will be hard-pressed to find another Persian rug that is so tough.

The Signature of a Heriz Rug

Heriz weavers use their own signature design, colors and of course, type of knots when working on their fabulous creations. When you look at a Heriz, you will realize that it has a rather coarse appearance. This has to do with the knot count of the rug.

A Heriz rug can have a knot count anywhere from 30 knots per square inches to around 110 knots per square inch. It is rare to find a Heriz with a higher knot count.

Another unique characteristic of the rug is its brilliant colors. The rug has a cotton foundation with woolen pile. The artisans dye the wool using natural vegetable dyes. This means that the rugs are completely chemical-free.

The rugs are dyed using a technique called abrash technique, which is unique to Heriz. The dyeing method allows the artisan to weave a rug with a wide range of hues of a single color. You will also notice that as the Heriz rug ages, due to the presence of trace amounts of copper in the wool, the rug acquires a patina, which enhances the appearance of the rug.

Heriz rugs are available in myriad colors, from deep reds and brilliant blues to sunset yellows and lush greens. These colors stand out and are eye-catching due to the ivory cream background.

Lastly, you will be able to recognize a Heriz rug because of its unique design. The most conspicuous feature of the design is the geometric patterns. Heriz rugs will always have a large medallion in the center with corner spandrels in white and a border of samovars. The artisans always create the design from memory and try to incorporate nature, like leaves and other foliage, into the design. The end result is spectacular!

Antique Heriz rugs are visually stunning and stylish without being ostentatious. It’s just the décor item you need when you want to make a style statement with woven art.


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