A Great Piece of Journalism on Handmade Rugs

One of the nice things about working in the handmade rug trade is collecting all the latest news about this most ancient of handicrafts. Case in point: this recent article about the magic and beauty of handmade Oriental rugs.

The piece is shot through with crystalline descriptions of what makes handmade rugs special, and why they are considered functional art. This may be my favorite passage:

Just like master artworks, the finest rugs are equally at home in museums, on the pages of art history books or gracing a floor of a sleek condo at Bay and Yorkville. The best contemporary rugs command attention and almost dare you to step on them. Not a single doormat among them, these bold works of floor art spark conversation and indeed, may even ignite controversy.

The rest of the article highlights a growing trend toward major label designers trying to create their own handmade rugs from scratch. Of course, the true masters in this industry rarely become household names: famous regions in Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and China have their own folk traditions and expertise that are handed down over dozens of generations.

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