Stunning 7′ x 10′ Mashad Rug From Saber Workshop

This stunning one-of-a-kind Mashad rug is a product of the Saber workshop in Mashad. Interestingly, the workshop is more well-known for producing large size rugs.

It is very rare to find a Saber rug that measures less than 12 square meters. This 6’9″ x 9’8″ Mashad rug is one of those rare pieces and although it is smaller in size, it bears all of the design elements and hallmarks of a classic Saber Mashad rug.

The combination of colors is harmonious and so are the design elements, from the striking central medallion surrounded by numerous gold and red leaves, vines and floral motifs against a beige background.

All of this is finally framed by a broad, richly embellished border that is simply remarkable. The design elements, colors and patterns used in the field and border combine to create a absolutely beautiful sense of harmony and balance throughout.

This masterpiece took a total knotting time of 1710 Days 15390 Hours.

One can just imagine the time it would have taken to create the design! The knot density of the rug is approximately 1024 KPSI. The pile material consists of a combination of silk and wool that is woven on a foundation of silk.

Mashad Rug
Mashad rug with 1024 KPSI

The rug is 30 to 40 years old and is in impeccable condition.