5 Unexpected Places To Put Your Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are more versatile than you may imagine. While they look fabulous when placed on the floor in any room, you are not limited to merely using them as floor décor. Oriental rugs can in fact be used in many other places too. Here are 5 unexpected places where a Persian rug would look absolutely gorgeous.

On The Bed

Using an Oriental rug as a bed cover is a unique idea. It’s not something that many people may think about immediately but just try and imagine your bed topped with a colorful Persian rug. Just this one simple addition can add a lovely touch of color and zest to your bedroom without creating a cluttered look. Oriental rugs are available in such a wide range of color schemes, you are sure to find one that will help you create the exact look you desire.

In The Bath

The thought of the persistent moisture is what makes most people hesitate about using Oriental rugs in the bathroom but this shouldn’t hold you back. The key is to choose the right materials. Rugs made of natural fibers such as bamboo and sisal are great choices as they are not adversely affected by moisture. You don’t have to restrict your bathroom décor choices to drab and practical when you have the choice of placing an Oriental rug that’s both practical and beautiful.

Hanging an Oriental rug will create a fantastic focal point on the wall.

On A Daybed

Placing an Oriental rug on a daybed adds a wonderful punch of color to a cozy, comfortable area. Flat weave rugs are best suited for using as a cover for a day bed.  When looking for a rug for your daybed, think about how you want that space to look. Do you want to create a brightly colored space or do you want to give the space a more muted, toned-down look.

Accordingly, look for a rug that will help you bring your vision to life. You can further liven by the space by looking for throw pillows in colors that complement the rug. It’s amazing to see the difference it can make with just adding these two accessories to the daybed- a rug and a couple of pillows.

On A Settee

Have you ever considered using an Oriental rug on your settee? Just this one thing can save you the trouble and expense of getting new upholstery made for your settee. If you’re looking for an easy and inexpensive way to update your upholstery, you’ll find that nothing beats using an Oriental rug.

To get the right effect, it is most important to keep one thing in mind. To prevent the rug from sliding down the back of the settee, you must make sure the rug goes over the top and hangs down the back by at least one foot. The weight of the rug hanging down the back will keep it in place.

On The Wall

Some Oriental rugs are true works of art and should be treated as such. Hanging them on the wall is one way to do this. An Oriental rug used as a wall hanging will create a fantastic focal point on the wall that you can never achieve with any other type of wall décor. Hanging an intricately woven rug on the wall will keep it looking good longer because of the lack of wear and tear.


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