5 Reasons To Buy Flatweave Oriental Rugs

Flatweave Oriental rugs are hand woven rugs that are thinner than the typical long-piled Oriental rug. They are made from cotton or wool and have a flat weave with no pile. This gives them a very distinctive look that sets them apart from most other types of rugs. Their slimness makes them very versatile too. You are not restricted to using Flatweave rugs as floor coverings only. They can be used as wall hangings or as a throw over an ottoman or a colorful chair back.

Although they look thin, these rugs are very rugged and can take a fair amount of wear and tear. They are also easier to maintain.

Flatweave Oriental rugs can withstand a fair amount of traffic.

Why Flatweave Oriental Rugs

There’s a long list of reasons why so many homeowners often choose to use Flatweave Oriental rugs in their home. We’ve narrowed down that list to five key reasons why you may want to buy a Flatweave Oriental rug.

Flatweave Oriental Rugs Are The Perfect Transitional Pieces

Changing up your décor regularly to suit the seasons can give your home a fresh look every few months. The secret to doing this without turning it into a major undertaking is to change just a few key pieces. This is where Flatweave rugs can be a brilliant transitional piece.

Because these rugs are flat, they can be easily rolled up and stowed away till you need them next and the new rug can be just as easily laid out. With Flatweave rugs, it won’t take you more than a few minutes to change the entire look of the room.

Flatweave Oriental Rugs Come In A Wide Array Of Colors And Patterns

From brightly colored striped to pastel motifs, you can find Flatweave rugs in just about any color, size and pattern to match your existing décor.

Flatweave Oriental Rugs Are Budget Friendly

Oriental rugs are known to be quite highly priced and there’s a good reason for that. Each piece is hand-woven and one of a kind. Although justified, they can be out of reach for many people. If you love the idea of decorating with Oriental rug but are looking for affordable options, you should consider using Flatweave rugs. They look as good as Oriental rugs but are much more affordable.

Flatweave Oriental Rugs Are Perfect For High Traffic Areas

Oriental rugs are in general quite hardy and can withstand a fair amount of traffic. However, they will eventually start to look worn and tired eventually. The more traffic the rug sees, the faster the pile will start to look worn out. Because Flatweave rugs don’t have any pile, they stand up longer to people walking all over it and will stay looking good longer.

Flatweave Oriental Rugs Don’t Shed

After the weaver has completed weaving the rug they cut off the excess wool depending on how high they want the pile to be. They then shake the rug to dust off the loose wool trimmings. However, some of the cut wool gets trapped in the pile. With people walk over the rug, the trapped wool gets loose. This looks like the rug is shedding, which requires regular cleaning up.

Flatweave rugs don’t have this problem. You can just bring the rug home and lay it on the floor without worrying about shedding.

Flatweave rugs add beauty, color and comfort to any room while remaining affordable, durable and easy to maintain, offering you the best of both worlds.

Flatweave rugs are available in just about any color, size and pattern to match your existing décor. Take a look at some of our collection. 

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