4 Tips For Decorating With Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs add an exotic decor element to even the most sparsely furnished room. Even if you just have a couple of pieces of furniture in the room and not much else, just adding an oriental rug can immediately bring the room to life.

While there are no hard and fast rules about decorating with oriental rugs, the wrong mix and match could cause the décor in the room to clash and look discordant instead of giving the room a harmonious look.

Tip #1: Is The Rug The Focal Point Of The Room?

If you want the area rug to be the focal point of the room and then design everything else around it, there are no rules as to what size or color rug you should choose. However, if you want a rug to complement the existing decor, chances are a smaller sized rug that blends in would be more appropriate.

Tip #2: Think About What You Want To Focus On In The Room

This is especially important when you are buying an oriental rug for your living room. If the room is still unfurnished, this is the perfect opportunity to get a stunning oriental rug of any size you want and make it the focus of attention. Then choose your furnishings, drapes and other accessories around the colors and patterns of the rug.

If your room is already fully furnished, take into consideration the existing colors and styles around the room and choose a rug accordingly, unless you are planning on re-doing the room completely.

Tip #3: How To Use Multiple Rugs In The Living Room

Large living rooms can often look very impersonal and cold if left uncovered. Using an oriental rug may seem like a great solution but depending on the rest of the décor, using one large rug can overpower the room completely.

If your living room is extremely spacious, the best way to make it look cozier and more personal is by using multiple living room rugs. However, just placing multiple rugs randomly around the room will not help you achieve your objective.

Instead, take a look around the room and think about how it is used. Do you have something outstanding that you would like to keep as the focus of the room?

Perhaps a charming fireplace or maybe an antique mantelpiece? Think about how you can use an oriental carpet to enhance these spaces without overpowering them. Consider what shape and color of the rug would complement the area.

Measure out the area of rug that would fit perfectly within those spaces without being too large or too small.


Consider The Shape And Color Of The Rug When Placing Multiple Rugs In A Room.

Tip #4: Using Multiple Rugs In The Bed Room

An oriental rug can add a touch of character and color to your bedroom too. You could use one large rug, or place oriental rugs in the bedroom.  You could place 2 long, rectangular, runner rug on either side of the bed and one in front of the bed.

Whichever room you are planning on buying an oriental rug for, the most important thing is to measure the space so that you can buy a right size of rug.

How To Place Rugs In The Bedroom

What’s your favorite way to decorate the bedroom with rugs? Do you prefer runner rugs on the sides of the bed or one large rug covering the entire room?

How Decorating With Persian Rugs Create A Sense Of Harmony And Anchorage

Every room has its own distinct features and functions. The layout and furniture in every room is different too. Without a rug, the various elements in the room can appear to be separate from each other with no similarities in look or function. A Persian rug can change the dynamics in the room. It connects the different elements and gives the room a sense of comfort, coziness, and harmony.

To create a sense of anchorage, you must make sure that the living room sofa set and dining room chairs sit fully on the rug. This will keep the furniture steady and safe to sit on instead of feeling wobbly because the front and back legs are on different levels.

Decorating with Persian rugs is surprisingly easy. With so many different styles and sizes available, you’re sure to be able to find the perfect rugs to help you make your design inspirations come to life.

Create A Sense Of Anchorage By Placing The Sofa Fully On The Rug.

Does Pattern Mixing Works When Decorating With Persian Rugs

Absolutely! In fact, it’s a really great idea to mix patterns when decorating with Persian rugs. Persian rugs are one of a kind works of art by themselves but mixing and matching patterns and colors allows you to add your unique touch to the layout and showcase your creative flair.

However, unlike many other aspects of decorating, mixing patterns together is not something that should be done impulsively. You do need to put some thought into choosing the patterns carefully so that they create the look you want.

Mixing patterns haphazardly can result in a chaotic look that is not as harmonious or relaxing as you would want it to be.

The Value Of Well Maintained Persian Rugs Increases Over Time.

Keep these tips in mind for mixing patterns when decorating with Persian rugs:

• Look for different patterns in the same color family. When you combine rugs with different patterns, the common colors act as the cohesive factor that connects the two rugs.

• Be very choosy when using different patterns in clashing colors. Using different patterns in contrasting colors can result in an interesting look too but you must exercise restraint when choosing this option. Choose any one accessory, such as a throw pillow that contrasts with the rug. Too many different patterns and colors can create an overwhelming, chaotic effect.

• Combine classic patterns together. Persian rugs feature an assortment of traditional patterns that are related to each other. For example, botanical and animal motifs pair well together, while rugs with a variety of tribal geometric motifs will go well together.

• Use neutrals to tone down the overall effect. When using Persian rugs that are colorful and heavily patterned, it’s a good idea to keep the other elements neutral. For example, neutral colored walls will allow the heavily designed Persian rug to shine while toning down its overall effect.

• Pay special attention to the scale of patterns on the rugs you’re combining. Some rugs have huge motifs, while others have medium-sized motifs and still others have tiny motifs. When decorating with Persian rugs, varying the scale can creates a subtle ebb and flow sensation that energizes the room and brings it to life.

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6 thoughts on “4 Tips For Decorating With Oriental Rugs

    1. Yes you can mix them. I recommend finding a few attributes that are complementary. For example if your existing rugs are floral design, finding a complementary floral design Persian rug. You can also choose a completely different type of design if you want to create separation between your spaces. Same goes with the colors, if you can choose a couple of accent colors that are complementary with your existing rugs.

  1. I am putting a runner on stairs and foyer on first floor of my house. I have orientals and Persian and oriental rugs in family room which is where you end up entering upon leaving stairs in foyer. Family room rugs are predominately red in color. Should rugs in foyer be predominately red and have a similar design? I like Hamadan rugs but, I do not have any Hamadan rugs in family room.

    1. Dear Gregg,
      for the design of the two rugs if they are near each other is good to match the design or colors of each other and I think you may find a Hamadan that king of matches with Tabriz or Mashad rug but if you want to match completely for sure you should use the same type of rugs.

  2. I recently sent comment and I wanted to add that rugs in my family room are sultanbad, Mashhad, darshan, and tabriz designs.

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