4 Reasons To Spend More For A High-Quality Oriental Rug

Your interior design choices are more than just decorating and looking for comfort – they are a subtle expression of your unique personal taste and flair for life. Though you may be willing to spend less on certain home décor accessories, an Oriental rug shouldn’t be one of those items that you compromise on.

There are four main reasons why you should be willing to spend more for a high-quality Oriental rug:

1. You Really Do Get What You Pay For

Unlike cheap imitations that are mass-produced in a factory, a quality Oriental rug looks and costs as luxurious as it feels. Though you may find cheap imitators that look good in the shop and when you first bring them home, those great looks start to fade fast once the real wear and tear of daily living and weekly cleaning begins.  Acrylic and polyester tend to pill, fade, and the colors don’t hold up as nicely as an authentic, hand-made Oriental rug made from plant-based materials on wool, silk, or cotton. All-wool rugs are not only warm, but waterproof, and they don’t wear down quickly like acrylic and machine-woven rugs do.

 2. Quality Isn’t Cheap And Cheap Isn’t Quality

Some people may have no problem with modern, throw-away culture, but that means you will not have much to pass down the generations as a family heirloom.

High-quality items cost more because they last longer, and that in itself is invaluable. Think of your high quality Oriental rug as a family heirloom that you can passed down to your children, and your grandchildren, and on down the line.  It’s impossible to say the same that about shag-pile from a big-box chain retailer.

 3. Natural And Hand-Made Last Longer

A quality Oriental rug is hand-made, with a high knot-count per square inch. The higher the knot-count per square inch, the richer the design can be. Natural fibers wear better, more evenly, and hold their colors and luster better than any rug that comes off an assembly line or a mass-produced loom. The natural fibers and materials, the artisans’ abilities to make these rugs by hand, and the price point of the rug mean you’ve got a lasting piece that will never go out of style.

4 Reasons To Spend More For A High-Quality Oriental Rug

 4. Artisans Deserve Proper Payment For Their Work

Hand-woven Oriental rugs are more than just floor-coverings. They are individual, unique pieces of artwork that reflect not only the village and region from which they were made, but they also reflect the artistic license of the person who wove it.  An Oriental rug is just unique and special as you are. No one else will have anything like it in their home, and as we said before, when they are properly taken care of, an Oriental rug can last for several generations.

Sure, synthetic, machine-made throw-rugs from big-box retailers are much cheaper alternatives, but you can be sure it will never be a one of a kind piece. Machine made rugs are mass produced, which is why they can afford to keep those prices down. When you buy a machine-made rug, it is just a floor covering and nothing else. On the other hand, if you are looking for quality, exclusivity, and durability, nothing comes close to authentic hand-made Oriental rugs, even if it means you have to pay a little more.