4 Creative Ways To Style With Small Oriental Rugs

Small Oriental rugs are an incredibly versatile decorating accessory. They add a punch of color and flair to those small bare spares that are just too small to accommodate a larger rug.

These small rugs come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors and designs so you are sure to be able to find one that is the perfect match for your space.

If you like the idea of decorating with small Oriental rugs, you’ll love these four creative ways that you can style your home with these wonderful flooring accessories.

Small Persian Rugs In A Room
Change The Look Of Your Room By Placing Small Rugs Together.

Use Small Rug As A Mat In An Entry Way

Most homes have a welcome mat in the entry way for two main reasons – to make the home look more inviting as soon as someone steps indoors and as a way to wipe their feet before entering the home. Why not replace your welcome mat with a small Oriental rug?

Oriental rugs are the perfect combination of form and function. An Oriental rug is so much more attractive than a generic welcome mat. They are also durable and easy to maintain.

Place Small Rugs Side By Side

Need to cover a larger space? Instead of buying a large rug consider buying small rugs and placing them side by side. Using two smaller rugs has several advantages over their larger counterparts.

It increases your decorating options. Placing two small rugs that feature complementary colors and designs will create a cohesive, calming look. On the other hand, placing two rugs with contrasting colors and designs will give the space a completely different look. Think about the look you are trying to create before choosing your rugs.

Layer A Small Rug On Top Of A Large Rug

Layering rugs can give your space a wonderfully unique look. You have several options when it comes to layering. Again, what you choose will depend on the look you are trying to create.

Consider placing a smaller neutral colored rug over a larger brightly colored one. Alternatively, place the rugs with only a small overlap on one side or place the top rug diagonally over the bottom rug. Each of these placements will create a different look. If you choose your rugs carefully, just changing the way they are layered will allow you to change the look of your room without any additional investment.

Hang A Small Rug On The Wall

Most small Oriental rugs are intricate works of art with elaborate motifs and patterns in fabulous colors. These little masterpieces work wonderfully as wall décor.

Hanging a small Oriental rug is an easy and inexpensive way to turn a bare look into one that is rich in color and beauty.

Why restrict yourself to just placing a small Oriental rug over a bare space by itself? Use one or more of the ideas above to show off your décor skills and transform the look and feel of your space.

Persian Rug Hanged In The Living Room
Persian Rugs Hanged In The Living Room Are Attractive and Are Great Conversation Starters.

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