11′ x 16′ Red Tabriz Rug with Alabaf Signature

Tabriz Rug
Tabriz Rug with signature of Alabaf

This stunning, one of a kind Tabriz rug bears the Alabaf signature, a signature that by itself speaks volumes about the high quality of the rug. Alabaf rugs have a long, interesting history that spans several generations of the illustrious Alabaf family, with each generation improving upon the quality while still retaining their family tradition. The result is a few stunning pieces that feature traditional patterns but with more defined lines and improved texture.

Signature of Alabaft
Signature of Alabaft on this Tabriz Rug

This particular Tabriz rug features an intriguing central medallion surrounded by a highly detailed field with and multiple elaborately designed borders filled with vines and other floral motifs. Every inch of the rug is highly detailed and the colors used are deep and rich, giving the rug a magnificent, rich, royal look. All colors

 Tabriz Medallion
Tabriz Rug Medallion

The rug measures 11’3″ x 16′ and is about 40 to 50 years old. Its knot density is about 225 KPSI and its knotting time was clocked at about 733 Days 6597 Hours. The foundation material is cotton and the pile is 100% wool that was sourced from the Golpayegan area. This area is considered to be the origin of some of the highest quality wool obtained in Iran.

The rug features a rich combination of colors, predominantly read and beige, very cleverly accented by green and blue. The dye used to color the wool is all natural and obtained mostly from

The pattern, construction and very close shearing of the wool are all hallmarks of a rug of high quality that has been woven in a formal workshop.