10 Oushak Rugs for Every Home Decor Style

When it comes to transforming your home, the right rug can make all the difference. Oushak rugs, known for their exquisite craftsmanship and timeless designs, are the perfect addition to any decor style. Whether you prefer modern minimalism, classic elegance, or bohemian chic, there’s an Oushak rug that can seamlessly blend into your home.

In this blog, we’ll explore ten stunning Oushak rugs in our collection that are sure to enhance the beauty and comfort of any room.


Oushak rugs are renowned for their intricate patterns, soft color palettes, and superior quality. These hand-knotted rugs, originating from the town of Oushak in Turkey, have been cherished for centuries for their ability to elevate any interior. Whether you’re redecorating your living room, bedroom, or dining area, an Oushak rug can add a touch of sophistication and warmth.

Oushak rug in living room

Let’s dive into the world of Oushak rugs and discover how these beautiful pieces can fit into various home decor styles.

Understanding Oushak Rugs: History and Craftsmanship


Oushak rugs, originating from the town of Oushak in Turkey, have a rich history dating back to the 15th century. These rugs were initially created to meet the demands of the Ottoman Empire and quickly became renowned for their exquisite designs and superior craftsmanship. Over the centuries, Oushak rugs have maintained their reputation for quality, with artisans continuing to use traditional techniques passed down through generations.


The craftsmanship of Oushak rugs is characterized by meticulous attention to detail and the use of high-quality materials. These rugs are hand-knotted using wool, which is often dyed with natural pigments to achieve the soft, muted colors that Oushak rugs are known for.

Their distinct patterns typically feature large-scale floral motifs, medallions, and intricate borders, reflecting a blend of Persian and Turkish influences. The result is a durable and visually stunning piece that can enhance any home decor.

Why Choose Oushak Rugs for Your Home?

Durability and Quality

Oushak rugs are known for their durability, making them a great investment for any home. The high-quality wool and skilled craftsmanship ensure that these rugs can withstand heavy foot traffic and last for many years. Their timeless designs also mean they won’t go out of style, allowing you to enjoy their beauty for decades.

Versatility in Design and Color

One of the standout features of Oushak rugs is their versatility. The soft, muted color palettes and intricate patterns make them suitable for a wide range of decor styles. Whether your home features modern, traditional, bohemian, minimalist, or eclectic decor, an Oushak rug can seamlessly blend in and enhance the overall aesthetic. Their ability to complement various color schemes and furniture styles makes them a versatile choice for any room.

Oushak Rug in our Client's Dining Room

Oushak Rugs in Different Home Decor Styles


In modern interiors, Oushak rugs can add warmth and texture to otherwise sleek and minimalistic spaces. Opt for rugs with subtle patterns and neutral tones to maintain the clean lines of modern decor while introducing a touch of sophistication.


Oushak rugs are a natural fit for traditional homes, with their rich patterns and historical significance. Choose rugs with intricate floral motifs and warm colors to complement classic furniture and ornate details.


For bohemian decor, the eclectic and artistic nature of Oushak rugs fits perfectly. Look for rugs with vibrant hues and unique patterns to add a layer of visual interest and create a cozy, laid-back atmosphere.


In minimalist spaces, Oushak rugs can serve as a focal point without overwhelming the simplicity of the decor. Select rugs with light, monochromatic patterns that add subtle depth and texture to the room.


Eclectic decor celebrates mixing and matching different styles, and Oushak rugs can tie together various elements. Choose rugs with bold patterns and vibrant colors that resonate with different pieces in the room, creating a harmonious yet diverse look.

How to Choose the Perfect Oushak Rug for Your Space

Considering Size and Placement

When choosing an Oushak rug, consider the size of the room and the placement of furniture. A large rug can anchor a seating area in the living room, while a smaller rug might work better as an accent piece in a hallway or entryway. Ensure the rug is proportionate to the space to create a balanced look.

Multi-color Oushak Rug in our Client's Living Room

Matching Colors and Patterns with Your Decor

Pay attention to the existing color scheme and patterns in your decor. Choose an Oushak rug that complements or contrasts in a pleasing way. For instance, a rug with muted tones can balance out bold furniture, while a vibrant rug can add a pop of color to a neutral room.

Caring for Your Oushak Rug

Maintenance Tips

To keep your Oushak rug looking its best, rotate it regularly to ensure even wear. Use a rug pad underneath to prevent slipping and reduce friction on the fibers. Vacuum the rug regularly, but avoid using a beater bar, which can damage the wool.

Cleaning and Care Instructions

For spills, blot the area immediately with a clean, dry cloth. Avoid rubbing, as this can push the stain deeper into the fibers. For deep cleaning, it’s best to consult a professional rug cleaner who specializes in wool rugs. Avoid exposing the rug to direct sunlight for prolonged periods, as this can cause the colors to fade.

10 Handmade Oushak Rugs that can Complement Every Home Decor Style

1. Exquisite Floral Oushak

This floral-patterned rug features soft, earthy tones and intricate designs.

Decorating Tip: Place this large rug in your living room to create a warm, inviting focal point. Its neutral palette blends seamlessly with various color schemes, making it an excellent base for both contemporary and traditional decor.

Oushak 8’1″ x 11’5″
Oushak 8’1″ x 11’5″

2. Sophisticated Soft-Hued Oushak

This muted-toned rug showcases subtle colors and refined patterns.

Decorating Tip: Use this rug in your dining room under the table to define the space and protect your flooring. The soft patterns will enhance the dining experience without overwhelming the room’s decor.

Oushak 7’9″ x 9’9″
Oushak 7’9″ x 9’9″

3. Elegant Stripes Design Oushak

This harmonious warm-and-cool-toned rug features a blend of complementary colors perfect for creating a balanced look in your home.

Decorating Tip: Place this rug under your bed, extending it out on both sides. The soothing colors will create a serene atmosphere, making your bedroom a peaceful retreat.

Oushak 8’6″ x 10′

4. Red Floral 6’8” x 9’8″ Oushak

This vibrant, intricate-patterned rug stands out with its rich hues and detailed design.

Decorating Tip: Use this rug as a statement piece in your living room. Pair it with neutral furniture to let the rug’s design shine, adding a pop of color and texture to the room.

Oushak 6’8″ x 9’8″
Oushak 6’8″ x 9’8″

5. Pastel-Hued 6’6” x 9’10” Oushak

This delicate, soft-colored rug features a mix of subtle hues and detailed patterns, perfect for adding elegance.

Decorating Tip: Place this rug in your dining room to enhance the area with its sophisticated design. Ensure it’s large enough to accommodate the dining chairs even when pulled out, creating a cohesive and polished look.

Oushak 6’6” x 9’10”
Oushak 6’6” x 9’10”

6. Intricate Floral Design Oushak

This grand, intricate-patterned rug showcases a mix of vibrant and muted colors.

Decorating Tip: Ideal for a spacious living room, this rug can anchor your seating arrangement and add warmth to the space. Its size and design make it a perfect focal point, drawing attention and creating a cozy ambiance.

Oushak 9’1″ x 11’9″
Oushak 9’1″ x 11’9″

7. Black Allover Design Oushak 

This unique, classic-contemporary rug adds a distinctive touch with its blend of designs.

Decorating Tip: Use this rug in your bedroom to add a layer of comfort and style. Place it under the bed, with enough coverage on either side for a balanced and luxurious feel.

Oushak 8’1” x 9’11”

8. Small Stripe Design 2′ x 2’9″ Oushak

This charming, compact rug is perfect for adding a decorative accent.

Decorating Tip: Place this rug in a hallway or entryway to create a welcoming first impression. Its intricate design and small size make it an ideal piece for smaller spaces.

Oushak 2′ x 2’9″
Oushak 2′ x 2’9″

9. Brown Floral Oushak Runner 

This elegant, long rug is perfect for hallways and runners.

Decorating Tip: Use this runner in a hallway or along the side of your bed. Its length and design will add a touch of sophistication and guide the flow of the room beautifully.

Oushak 2’7″ x 8’6″
Oushak 2’7″ x 8’6″

10. Elegant Allover  Oushak 

This captivating allover rug features a blend of soft, warm colors and detailed patterns.

Decorating Tip: Perfect for the living room, this rug can be placed under a coffee table or in front of a fireplace to add warmth and elegance to the space. Its intricate design can tie together various elements of the decor, creating a harmonious look.

Oushak 6’8” x 9’8″
Oushak 6’8” x 9’8″
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