Buying A Silk Rug?

Buying A Silk Rug?

With their intricate designs, tight weave, vivid colors and lovely lush feel, silk rugs are true works of art. In fact, most people who buy these fabulous creations use them to adorn their walls rather than their floors. Here are a few things you should know if you are considering buying a silk rug. Features […]

Kashan Rug Guide

Kashan Rug Guide

Kashan rugs are high quality Persian rugs that are named after the town in which they are manufactured. Situated in central Iran, Kashan is one of the oldest towns in the country. It lies nestled between mountains on its west and the Dasht-e-Kavir desert to the east. Kashan rugs are known for their exquisite beauty […]

The Rug Buying Guide

The Rug Buying Guide

Using Oriental rugs is a fantastic way to add to the overall look of any room and enhance the beauty of the entire space. The key to bringing your vision to life lies in choosing the right rug for the space. This rug purchase guide will help you navigate the world of Oriental rugs and […]

Mashad Runner From Astan Ghots

  Oriental runner rugs with size dimensions of 8’2″ x 30’6″are very rare but that’s only one of the many features that make this Mashad rug unique. The Makers Of Mashad Rugs The rug bears the Astan Ghots signature, which a testament to its exceptional quality. This is a reputed rug-manufacturing company that was established […]

Price vs. Quality of Oriental Rugs

Price vs. quality, What Should You Give More Importance To When Buying An Oriental Rug? Of course everybody would love to own the finest quality oriental rug but very often the high price can be a seriously limiting factor. The price of a high quality oriental rug can run into thousands of dollars and not […]

Is a Persian Rug a Good Investment?

Persian Rugs Are Investments One of the biggest differences between hand knotted Persian rugs and the machine made varieties is their investment value. You can buy a Persian rug and use it in your home and it will still retain its value after several years provided of course that it is not worn out or damaged. Machine […]

Kazak Rugs Buyer’s Guide

What does Kazak  Rugs mean? Learning all the definitions and spellings and origins of the word “kazak”, will take you on an interesting journey from Russia to Armenia to Pakistan and cover topics like politics, history and culture and rugs. This article explains “kazak” in the context of oriental rugs.  Oriental rug names are derived […]

Why Buy Oriental Rugs Online

Today, we buy just about everything online, from low-priced pen drives and household accessories to top of the line gadgets and gourmet goods. Yet despite the overall familiarity with online shopping, some people still feel a tad uncomfortable at the thought of buying certain items such as oriental rugs over the internet. The reasons for […]

4 Tips for Investing in a Persian Rug

Any Persian rug beautifies your home and creates a warm, inviting environment. Choose what fits your tastes and décor and frequently you’ll end up with a piece that appreciates in value. In fact, Iranian business men often stockpile Persian rugs like gold. The rugs are known as “Iranian stock and shares” and there is a […]

How to Tell the Age of Oriental rugs

Break Down Ages Of Oriental Rugs   If you own an Oriental rug, knowing the age of your prized possession can be of special interest for several different reasons. For one thing, it helps you determine the approximate value of the rug. Although there are exceptions to the rule, in general rugs that are older […]

7 Reasons Why you should Buy a Persian Rug

As you may already know, Persian rugs come in prices, sizes and colors to suit a wide variety of tastes and their ultimate home. Here are seven reasons why people decide buy Persian rugs. 1.  Persian Rugs are great for decorating. There are so many decorating uses for Persian rugs, it boggles the mind. Maybe […]

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Silk and Wool Persian Rugs Tips

Most Persian rugs are made from 100% wool. For a floor covering it is a natural choice, it is durable, easy to weave on a loom, can be dyed into many colors, and it is a readily available resource. A small percentage of rugs woven from silk. Silk rugs are strong, but not as strong […]

5 Different Types of Hand Knotted Rug Knots

Types Of Knots Explained Oriental rug weavers generally use two main types of knots when weaving their creations. One is the Senneh knot and the other is the Ghiordes knot. There is third type of knot, called the Jufti knot but this technique is considered substandard and it not so commonly used, at least not […]

How to Spot Out Authentic Persian Rugs

How To Tell If A Persian Rug Is Authentic – Telling The Difference Between Fake And Real Persian Rugs An authentic Persian rug is a treasured possession. These gorgeous rugs can be found in homes and offices all over the world. Just knowing that they have been hand knotted adds even more value to these works […]