Bijar Rugs- The Iron Rug Of Persia

Bijar Rugs – The Iron Rugs Of Persia

Bijar rugs are manufactured in Bijar, located in the Kurdistan region in Northwestern Iran. The town of Bijar lies at the centre of a major weaving area reputed for producing rugs of very high quality. Cotton, sheep wool or camel wool are the main materials used as the foundation of these rugs. The pile almost […]

The Fabulous Gabbeh Rugs

The Fabulous Gabbeh Rugs

Gabbeh rugs are woven by nomadic tribal weavers who live in the Zagros mountain range. Originally these rugs were woven by the tribals for their personal use, to protect them from the bitter winters that were prevalent in the region. The striking designs and fabulous colors of these rugs soon made them popular amongst home-owners […]

Read A Rug Through Its Patterns

Read A Rug Through Its Patterns

Everybody who owns an Oriental rug is sure to admire its inherent beauty but very few actually know that the patterns of a rug actually have some meaning. Oriental rug weavers tell a story through the patterns that they choose. Knowing a little bit about the patterns will help you to read the rug that […]

Kerman Rug

A Guide To Kerman Rugs

Towards the South of Iran, in an oasis in the exotically named desert Dast-e-Lut, lies a town called Kerman with a population of about a quarter of a million. Founded in the 4th Century, this city was an important destination when trade flourished between India and Iran centuries ago. Today, it has earned a pride […]

Kazak A Prized Possession

Kazak Rug: A Prized Possession

As with most types of oriental rugs, kazak rugs too are named after the place they are manufactured. Kazak, a small city where these rugs are manufactured, is located in the northwestern area of Azerbaijan. These rugs are usually hand-knotted by the women weavers who used traditional construction techniques and dyes to create rugs that […]

Kilim Rugs, A Class On Its Own

Kilim rugs are a type of Oriental rug with a difference. Whereas most oriental rugs have a pile, whether it is short or long, Kilim rugs are flat woven without any pile. The absence of pile is their main distinguishing feature. These rugs are not thick and plush like most other types of Oriental rugs. […]

Tight On Space? Choose Small Oriental Rugs

Large Oriental rugs can look absolutely mesmerizing with their elaborate patterns, eye-catching motifs and striking color combinations. It’s tempting to want to own one of these large-sized exotic creations. But trying to fit a large sized rug into a small space may not give you the results you are looking for. Not only will the […]

A Rug In The Kitchen

Home Styling Tips: Add A Rug To A Room

Adding an Oriental rug to a room is one of the fastest and easiest ways to transform the look of the room and give it character and flair. In fact, the most difficult part about decorating with Oriental rugs is choosing one from among the fabulous varieties that are available. Why Choose Oriental Rugs? Oriental […]


Silk Rugs Vs. Wool Rugs

Silk and wool are two of the most commonly used materials in Oriental rugs. Rugs made from either of these materials have different characteristics but both types look absolutely fabulous, making it really difficult to choose between the two. So what exactly are the differences between silk rugs and wool rugs and which one would […]

Oriental Rugs And Art – The Often Overlooked Connection

Oriental rugs and art? Is it even possible to compare the two? A behind-the-scenes look at how rugs are manufactured reveals some very interesting and surprising connections between these two art forms. Oriental rugs are beautiful creations made by only very few, very talented tribal nomads. Each rug is painstakingly hand-woven. There is absolutely no […]

Red Bokhara Rug

A Look At Three Different Types Of Bokhara Rugs

Bokhara rugs are easy to identify, unlike most other Oriental rug types that can sometimes be difficult to recognize because of the many variations within their distinctive patterns. Bokhara rugs feature a repeated design called elephant foot, which is in fact an octagonal gul design. The predominant color of these rugs is deep shades of […]

Oriental Runner Rugs For Your Staircase

Oriental Runner Rugs For Your Staircase

There’s nothing wrong with leaving your staircase bare except that… well… it can look pretty boring. A bare staircase lacks personality and flair. When left uncovered, a staircase is just a functional feature that acts as an access-way between the ground and top storey of your home. But place an oriental runner rug down the […]

Common Misconceptions About Rugs

When it comes to oriental rugs, misconceptions abound. Unfortunately this has led many people to make expensive mistakes when they are looking for an oriental rug for their home or office space. Knowing what is fact and what is myth can help you avoid making such mistakes. Below you will find some of the more […]